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How Digital Signage Can Transform Your Corporate Training Department

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February 23, 2021

Corporate training is an opportunity to smooth the transition for new employees, help your team hone their skills, and increase productivity.

Unfortunately, traditional training development programs are not nearly as effective for learning and development as they could be.

While companies should invest in training, they need to invest in practical training. Effective training is engaging, memorable, and meaningful. Digital signage is one of the best ways to transform your corporate training into a process that works.

Today we’ll review how digital signage can boost your corporate training and offer some critical tips for implementing it.

What Corporate Training Usually Looks Like

Without digital signage, most corporate training programs rely on outdated technology and systems—many use learning management systems (LMS) and software programs to deliver educational content. LMS can be valuable parts of training, but alone they will not keep your team engaged enough to learn.

Flyers/brochures are also used often in corporate training. Not only do these physical resources consume paper and ink, but they are also easily lost and discarded by employees. Flyers and similar materials are not engaging or memorable.

Lastly, many companies still use emails to send out training materials and information. Employees already receive a ton of emails each day, so completing training via email is a disaster waiting to happen. Emails easily get lost in the shuffle and can also be put off “until later,” when they quickly become forgotten. Not to mention, emails are also not engaging, personalized, or effective for corporate training.

The bottom line is that many traditional methods and resources used for training development programs do not facilitate learning. While these resources can be helpful guides or references, they should not comprise all of your corporate training.

The Current Cost of Corporate Training

Training and developing employees is an investment that can significantly benefit your team and business. However, right now, corporate training is not paying off the way many hope it would.

The purpose of corporate training is to help employees augment the skills they need for their roles, yet 70 percent of those surveyed say that this goal has not been accomplished. Furthermore, only 12 percent of employees apply the skills they learn in training programs to their jobs.

Right now, the billions of dollars ($359 billion globally in 2016) spent on corporate training are not being used to their fullest potential.

The answer is not to eliminate the training; it’s to improve it. Employees want more training. According to one long-term study, 74 percent of workers feel they aren’t meeting their full potential due to a lack of development opportunities. These employees are more likely to feel disengaged at work, which is why one-third leave their organization within one year. Practical training is vital for employee retention and productivity, but training programs right now are not sufficient.

Transform Training and Development with Digital Signage

One of the best ways to amplify your training program is with digital signage. Normally, people think of advertising and store signage when they hear digital signage, but digital signage applications are much broader.

Some ways to incorporate digital signage into training programs include:

  • Training videos: Display engaging training videos via digital signage, ensuring that everyone in the room can view the videos at once. This facilitates collaboration and attention.
  • Breakroom signage: With digital signage, you can remind employees of critical points from training in the breakroom. For example, if you’ve just educated your team on COVID-protocol, you can use digital signage in the breakroom signage to reiterate the steps for handwashing or signs to stay home.
  • Live-streaming: Display lifestreams of the training via digital signage. This makes sure employees in the back of a room will still feel part of the training and see what’s happening.
  • Ability to get creative: There are so many different ways to get creative with digital signage. Consider your training objectives and content, and use digital signage to take them to the next level. For example, you could display key statistics, how-to videos, comparison photos, key points from the module, and more.

Digital Signage Facilitates Learning

Digital signage is a helpful tool for corporate training because it will help employees learn. By displaying the information on a digital sign, you can ensure that everyone can see it. This also makes it easier to collaborate and run training sessions as team events rather than personal assignments that everyone does alone at their desk.

Incorporating digital signage into your corporate training will make it easier to follow and far more memorable. Additionally, you can leverage digital signage after training to display reminders and key takeaways from the training to help your employees bring the training to their work.

Tips for Using Digital Signage for Employee Training

Employee-facing digital signage can be an effective way to improve your training and development sessions. Here are some helpful tips for using digital signage in your corporate training:

  • Tailor the content. Display content that is relevant to your audience and their needs. For example, different teams or employees may go through different pieces of training and need different reminders. Make sure that your content is tailored to your audience and relevant to them. Fortunately, it’s easy to rotate or switch out messages on digital signs. You could display different messages for different groups at the appropriate times.
  • Recognize employees. Keep employees motivated and engaged after training by using digital signage to recognize them. Give shout-outs to employees who’ve done well at training or who have been able to transfer what they’ve learned to their roles. Share formal awards, “get to know me” features, and exciting news to recognize your team.
  • Combine several strategies. Digital signage compliments traditional training materials well. For example, you can use digital signage to display key points or show important videos while your employees still use an LMS to complete tasks. The possibilities for incorporating digital signage are endless.
  • Incorporate employee feedback. During and after training, communicate with your team about their training needs. Would they like you to show more examples of the digital sign? Was the Livestream helpful? Get their feedback on the training materials and digital signage usage. This way, you can make it even better for any future pieces of training.

The Best Digital Signage for Corporate Training

Effective employee training and development programs are interesting, engaging, and applicable for your team. Traditional methods of emails, flyers, and LMS are not always engaging enough on their own, which means most employees will not get what they need from those resources. Instead, look to add digital signage into your training process.

Enhance your employee training with the best audiovisual solutions available. Teksetra will help you install industry-leading digital signage that you can use to bolster your employee training. We’ll help you with every aspect of your digital signage, from hardware to software and beyond. Learn more about how Teksetra can help your business with digital signage today by contacting us today.

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