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5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in the Hospitality Industry

Blog Post
January 3, 2020

Ever wondered what sparked the growth of digital signage in the hospitality industry? The reason is actually simple: When it comes to hotels, resorts, and restaurants, guest experience is everything.

Incredible first impressions bolster positive reviews, lead to a more loyal customer base, promote word-of-mouth advertising, and more.

Put simply, creating an extraordinary guest experience drives business, and as we continue to move into a technology-fueled world, the expectations of guests are rising in tandem.

That’s why hoteliers and hospitality business owners far and wide have turned to digital signage to satiate their guests’ appetites for tech-forward experiences. From interactive self-check-in kiosks to digital concierge stations, hotel and resort owners have discovered a collection of brilliant ways to bring technology into their businesses, and guests are loving it.

Digital signage not only improves efficiencies and simplifies processes, it also wows customers right from the start.

By incorporating digital displays and kiosks throughout the hotel (in areas like lobbies, restaurants, hallways, and event spaces), guests’ perceptions of the spaces are increased dramatically. The hotel feels advanced, forward-thinking, and oh so luxurious.

Check out the top five ways businesses are harnessing the benefits of digital signage to transform the hospitality industry:

1. Check-In/Check-Out Kiosks

After a long day of traveling, nothing beats a quick and easy check-in process at the hotel. In fact, many travelers would love to be able to get to their room without any interaction at all. Digital signage has taken that idea to the next level, offering guests the ability to check-in themselves with easy-to-use interactive displays and kiosks. These products help speed up the process, shorten queues for other guests who need to speak with someone, and even offer the hotel opportunities to promote deals, events, and other important information.

2. Wayfinding & Event Information

For larger hotels and resorts, especially those with multiple event venues, restaurants, and amenities, wayfinding kiosks and displays are a must. These displays help provide guests with the feelings of control and comfort. They help guide guests to exactly where they need to be with step-by-step instructions. Not only that, but they can provide detailed event information for added convenience — things like start times, locations, speakers, and more. The best part? Wayfinding kiosks help cut down on guests requiring staff assistance, allowing employees to focus on the job at hand and increasing productivity.

3. Digital Concierge Stations

Hotel guests are more self-reliant than ever before, and that means that many prefer to do their own research and decision making when it comes to their stay. Digital concierge stations can help guests find exactly what they’re looking for, including restaurants, must-see attractions, and nearby events. These kiosks can also help arrange transportation, provide tips and tricks to navigating the area, and make suggestions of the most popular destinations. They can even help cut down on guests’ expenses by providing coupons.

4. In-House Promotion & Advertising

Gone are the days of endless flyers and sales pitches. Now, customers can learn all about the latest and greatest deals and promotions at hotels, resorts, and restaurants simply by viewing the digital displays around the property. By promoting incredible on-site amenities like spas, in-room dining experience, and wine tastings on digital displays, hotel and resort guests are encouraged to inquire and purchase these luxuries, and that can help dramatically increase profits. Not only that, but hospitality businesses can advertise their local business partners throughout their site for even greater ROI.

5. Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants and food services in hotels benefit from the same advantages that digital signage offers through interactive check-in kiosks, concierge stations, and in-house promotions. Digital menus can help cut down on time spent in queues, allow guests to order for themselves without interaction, and even promote spontaneous purchasing of high-end menu options. Digital signage in restaurants also helps establish that feeling of sophistication and modernity that many guests have come to expect from the hospitality industry.

Nowadays, friendly and helpful staff, standard amenities, and thoughtful interior design aren’t enough to impress the average globetrotter. The impressive integration of technology has become an expectation, and when business owners find the digital signage for their business, the results speak for themselves. Reach out today to learn how Teksetra can help your business benefit from digital signage.

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