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Dynamic Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

Blog Post
June 6, 2019

You already know the startling benefits of employee engagement. But how do you implement your employee engagement strategies?

Excellent corporate communication is essential to employee engagement.

But implementing your employee engagement efforts through emails or 8.5 x 11 printouts is not exactly impactful. There is, however, an easy and simple way to improve your corporate communications and motivate your employees with exciting engagement efforts.

Digital signage is a dynamic, technology-driven tool for communicating and sharing information using LCD, LED and projection to display images, video, copy and other media.

Why Digital Signage?

Get your employees’ attention with interesting, memorable and motivating corporate communications. Mass email memos or announcements written in Word and printed on colored paper just don’t cut it.

Even if you have a generous budget for employee engagement, traditional signage typically involves design and print time to create static posters that then require additional time to distribute and display. If a change is needed, or a mistake is found, the only recourse is to redesign, reprint and redistribute – taking even more time and money.

With digital signage, you display your creative instantly. If there’s a change or a mistake, it can be updated in moments.

Pros of digital signage over conventional printing in corporate communications

  • Displays instantly
  • Changes or mistakes can be fixed and updated in moments
  • Information is dynamic and can include animation, video, sound, scrolling text, etc.
  • Keeps information current without costly ongoing printing

What can be shared on digital signage?

This is where the advantage of digital signage really shines. Because of the huge variety of content that can be shared digitally, you have many more opportunities to be impactful. Don’t litmit yourself, consider:

  • Pre-recorded video
  • Live streamed video
  • Photographs
  • Animation
  • Audio messages
  • Music
  • Static and crawling copy
  • Flash files
  • RSS feeds including social media updates, weather, news, etc.

As to content, that will be influenced by your employee engagement plan, but great uses for your corporate communication digital signage includes:

  • Employee recognition
  • Upcoming events
  • Volunteer and open job opportunities
  • Social and work-life balance events
  • Voluntary benefit reminders
  • Product promotions and sales
  • Available services
  • Transportation updates
  • Current weather, date, news headlines
  • Emergency notifications
  • Lunch menus
  • Meeting information
  • Wayfinding

Learn more about digital signage content by reading, “3 Critical Digital Signage Content Tips

How difficult is it to set up digital signage?

With the right partner, it’s as simple as flipping a switch. Find a one-stop digital signage provider who can cover all your signage needs. A good partner will:

  1. Assess your needs to determine your requirements, purpose, and budget.
  2. Design your perfect solution including screens, placement, hardware, and software.
  3. Install your signage preparing both your space and your team.
  4. Manage upgrades and repairs with rapid response to all your future hardware and software needs.

They’ll also train you on best practices to:

  • Design your content; whether in-house or out, you’ll develop internal systems for routing updates.
  • Publish and distribute your content and updates.

Are you ready to begin? Employee engagement is enhanced with dynamic digital signage that allows your team to self-serve the important information they need as a member of your team. Start simply and learn the power of this communication medium.

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