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Learn how to earn new, recurring revenue with your customers by partnering with Teksetra.

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There’s a reason that leading OEMs and service providers around the world choose to partner with Teksetra. After all, partnerships are built on trust, and we’ve spent more than four decades earning our reputation in the industry. With Teksetra, you get access to our nationwide outsourcing program. IT outsourcing is a powerful tool that allows you to support your customers like never before, providing much-needed services, solidifying your relationships, and earning your business additional income.


Support Your Customers

When your customers need solutions, such as equipment repairs, IT support, or audiovisual solutions, Teksetra is here to help. We will act as an extension of your own team, so you can seamlessly provide the additional services your customers need.

Earn More Revenue

With Teksetra on your side, you can provide a wide range of services to your customers to bolster your relationship and earn both recurring and non-recurring revenue.

Provide Expertise

Go the extra mile for your customers by offering the expertise they need to tackle their biggest challenges. Teksetra gives you access to a nationwide network of highly trained and vetted technology specialists.

End-to-End Support

Give your customers the total technology support they deserve. Our nationwide outsourcing program makes it easy to offer your customers project support from start to finish.

How can Teksetra help support your customers?

Ready to take your relationship with your customers to the next level? With our nationwide outsourcing program, going the extra mile and providing additional support for your customers’ most complex technology needs has never been easier. Find out how our nationwide outsourcing program’s wide range of services could help you grow your customer relationships and earn your business additional revenue at the same time.


When your customers need audiovisual solutions, such as high-quality projectors in meeting rooms or video conferencing technology, Teksetra can help provide the support they need. By simply offering AV support through Teksetra, you can build your relationships with customers while earning easy revenue for your business. Teksetra has a wide range of AV solutions available, and our talented team can support your customers through every step of the process — from hardware selection to installation and beyond.

Digital Signage

Nearly every industry and business can benefit from digital signage. So, no matter what type of companies your business supports, chances are they may be on the hunt for the perfect digital signage partner. With Teksetra on your side, that partner could be you. Our highly trained digital signage experts can support your customers with all their digital signage needs, including consulting, hardware, software, and even professional installation. And every step of the way, your business could be earning revenue while strengthening your relationship with your customer.


Whether your business supports customers with hardware or you have customers that frequently acquire new technology, chances are they’re in frequent need of installation support. With Teksetra outsourcing, you can offer your customers professional installation services from a team of highly trained and experienced installers. Our nationwide team can install a wide range of devices, including audiovisual equipment, sound masking, servers, printers, and much more. Earn revenue while helping your customers minimize downtime and protect their investments.

IT Support

Nowadays, every business needs IT support. For most, their internal teams simply can’t tackle every request that pops up, while others don’t have internal IT teams at all. That’s where Teksetra comes in. With our nationwide outsourcing program, you can provide support for your customers where they need it most. Our highly trained and vetted technicians can easily integrate into existing teams to provide expertise, assist with day-to-day challenges, or address major issues from day one. By partnering with Teksetra, your business gains an additional way to earn recurring revenue by offering ongoing IT support to all your customers.

Project Services

Do your customers have large, complex projects but limited resources to get everything done? When you partner with Teksetra, you can support your customers by offering professional support for a wide range of projects. Our experienced project managers will work with your customers from the very beginning, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. With the Teksetra team on your customer’s side, no project is too big or too small for them to handle. By offering professional project management and labor to your customers, you can become the go-to resource for your customer’s biggest project needs. That means better relationships, more opportunities, and recurring revenue for your business.


When it comes to customers, one of the most challenging and complex projects they may ever undertake is a move or relocation. Instead of standing by and hoping all goes well, what if you could step in and provide additional expert moving support for their project? When you partner with Teksetra, you can. Through Teksetra, you can deliver the technology expertise your customers need to ensure their move is quick, efficient, and safe. You’ll not only enhance your relationship with your customer by providing help when they need it most, but you’ll also earn revenue in the process. We call that a win-win.

Repair + Maintenance

Any business that uses technology (and that’s all of us) will need repair and maintenance services. What if you could support your customers with the repair services they needed, anytime, anywhere? With Teksetra as your partner, you can. Our nationwide network of highly trained Teksetra technicians empowers your business to provide expert repair and maintenance solutions to any customer in the continental U.S. Our technicians are certified by the leading OEMs, ensuring they can provide repairs and maintenance for most makes, models, and types of devices. Teksetra makes it easy to provide additional, much-needed services to your customers, strengthening your relationship and your bottom line.

3PL + Fulfillment

If your customers are struggling to keep up with their fulfillment, you could provide the solution they’ve been searching for. By partnering with Teksetra, your customers can get access to our professional 3PL services. At our dedicated fulfillment center, our expert team will professionally manage every aspect of their 3PL needs, including picking, packing, shipping, billing, and more. As the provider of the solution they needed, you’ll enhance your relationships with customers while earning an additional source of recurring revenue. How simple is that?

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