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Remote Deposit Capture

Ready to help your customers save time, lower costs, and streamline efficiencies with remote deposit capture (RDC)? We’re here to help.

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There’s a reason why financial institutions across the country embrace RDC technology. Remote deposit capture allows businesses to quickly and securely scan checks and deposit them remotely. With RDC, you can streamline efficiencies, reduce labor costs, and provide a simpler and faster way for your business clients to deposit and have quicker access to their funds. Put simply, RDC helps create a more seamless relationship between you and your valued customers, one that helps both parties save time and money.


Save Time

Traditional methods for depositing checks can be time-consuming for your staff. RDC can eliminate hours of transaction recording from your team’s schedule, giving them valuable time back.

Reduce Costs

Physical check deposits are full of hidden costs, including labor, transportation, and mileage. With RDC technology, both you and your business clients can eliminate these sometimes hidden costs from your budget.

Streamline Depositing

RDC is a simple, effective way for your financial institution and customers to streamline their check depositing process. Now, that time can be spent focusing on more important tasks.

Improve Support

RDC can help create a stronger, more trusting relationship between your institution and its business customers. While they get faster access to their funds, you get valuable time and money back.

Our RDC Process

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to find the perfect remote deposit capture solution for your financial institution and its customers. At Teksetra, we’ll walk you through every step of our RDC process to find a solution that meets your needs, fits within your budget, and helps your financial institution achieve its goals.


The first step of our RDC process is to gain a thorough understanding of your financial institution’s and customers’ needs. We’ll talk through every detail, including your budget, timeline, customers, and more. This discovery period helps us better understand what you’re hoping to gain out of RDC, as well as what hardware solutions will work best for you.


Next, we’ll help you select the perfect check scanners for both you and your customers. At Teksetra, we take a vendor-neutral approach to hardware, ensuring you have a wide range of check scanner options from all the leading manufacturers. This guarantees that you find the exact check scanner you need to achieve your RDC goals, compatible with your software, and within your budget.


Make it easy for your employees and customers to transact with a custom ecommerce site or catalog for your RDC program! We offer flexible payment methods, including invoicing and credit card payments, for both you and your customers. Additionally, with your own ecomm site, you can view past order history for your individual account or entire team if using a central login, place orders 24/7, and get instant account support via chat or phone call from 8 am – 5 pm CST.


When it’s time to get started with RDC, Teksetra can help manage every aspect of your check scanner fulfillment. Rather than storing, packing, shipping, and billing each check scanner yourself, our dedicated fulfillment team will handle each step of the process for you. That means that your customers can get access to a wider range of RDC check scanners, and your in-house team can focus on what they do best. Partnering with Teksetra for fulfillment also ensures that your facility can keep up with spikes in RDC demand and that you aren’t wasting valuable space on RDC storage when demand dips. With Teksetra, your clients get premier service year-round, all in your good name.

Repair + Maintenance

When it comes to remote deposit capture, having a check scanner repair and maintenance plan available to offer your business clients is critical. Teksetra is an authorized service provider, offering a wide range of on-demand repair and maintenance services, including tech support and repair. That way, when something goes wrong, your customers know just who to call for support. This ensures that your RDC check scanners remain in proper working condition, keeping your service both relevant and successful, all while building a better relationship between you and your customers.

RDC ROI Calculator

Want to get an estimate of how much time and money your business customer could save each year with remote deposit capture? Just plug in their information or share the calculator below.

Browse RDC Products

Which technology will work best for you?

You gain access to a wide range of check scanner options with Teksetra. Our vendor-neutral approach to hardware and our deep, long-standing relationships with all the leading brands, works to your benefit by simplifying your RDC program. Browse our collection of remote deposit capture equipment below to see which options are right for you.

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Working with Teksetra made our RDC check scanner refresh painless. Not only did Stephanie help by sourcing affordable hardware solutions and secure ongoing maintenance, she also coordinated remote check scanner installations for numerous scanners. I would highly recommend using Teksetra as a single point of contact vendor for your RDC refresh.

Jodi J., Customer Experience Project Manager, Choice Bank

I, without a doubt, would reach back out to [Teksetra] and specifically Jimmy for any future hardware needs that ONB may have.

Ann L., Vice President/Branch Manager-Stewartville, Old National Bank

“I wanted to let you all know that you did a GREAT job. You have beaten every other install company I have worked with out of the water. THANK YOU!”

Randi H., Teksetra Customer

“It was a great experience working with [Teksetra]! They coordinated all production visits with the customer. Daily reports were produced by [Teksetra], we were promptly informed of possible issues ahead of time, and they satisfied all requirements from the team.”

Lynden E., Teksetra Customer

“I wanted to say thank you for a job (very) well done. Bill and the staff that [Teksetra] provided were professional, competent, and did a great job. I can assure you when an opportunity arises I will most definitely include [Teksetra] as part of the project team.”

Tom R., Teksetra Customer

“The [Teksetra] crew was excellent in managing their time & communicating with our onsite technician and me (project coordinator). They were VERY helpful and offered to assist in ways I didn’t expect (such as placing exit forms on the desks as they did reconnects). Excellent service! Could not be more pleased with [Teksetra’s] service! Thank you so much!”

Renee L., Teksetra Customer

“ProfitStars partnered with [Teksetra] because of their excellent reputation in the marketplace for hardware fulfillment services. [Teksetra] is very responsive to our needs for financial institution hardware support, fulfillment, warranty work, and other needs. The customized website developed for us by [Teksetra] makes ordering simple and deliveries easy to track. The [Teksetra] team provides the fast follow-up we need to succeed in this competitive hardware environment.”

Samantha D., ProfitStars

“[Teksetra’s] Advanced Unit Exchange service is fantastic! I can always rely on them to help me when we have a problem with our check scanner. Having a replacement scanner the next day means I don’t miss making a deposit, which is not only convenient, but critical to my business.”

Jen R., Accounts Receivable Manager, Jim's Formal Wear

“[Teksetra’s] Advanced Unit Exchange service contracts saves me more time than any other product I use. Service is both quick and reliable, and when my customers’ products are in need of repair I have complete confidence in [Teksetra]. With a simple request, they will promptly ship replacements directly to my customers. By using [Teksetra], I can better serve my customers and keep them happy, boosting both customer satisfaction and our bottom line.”

Jared B., Electronic Services, Equity Bank
Brenda G., Information Technology Security Officer, South Sound Bank
Diane F., Buffalo Schools

“[Teksetra’s] technicians were very efficient and proficient at the performing the tasks required with minimal disruption to the customer. They did a great job working with the customer, and all I received was positive reviews!”

Lynden E., Teksetra Customer

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