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What is Digital Signage?

Blog Post
January 4, 2019

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a dynamic, technology-driven way to communicate and share information using LCD, LED and projection to display images, video, copy and other media.

Why Should My Brand Use Digital Signage?

Traditional signage typically involves design and print time to create static posters that then require additional time to distribute and display. If a change is needed, or a mistake is found, the only recourse is to redesign, reprint and redistribute – taking even more time and money.

With digital signage, you display your creative instantly. If there’s a change or a mistake, it can be updated in moments.

Pros of digital signage over printed signage:

  • Displays instantly
  • Changes or mistakes can be fixed and updated in moments
  • Information is dynamic and can include animation, video, sound, scrolling text, etc.
  • Keeps information current without costly ongoing printing

What can be shared on digital signage?

  • Available services
  • Current interest rates
  • Current weather, date, news headlines
  • Emergency notifications High def video
  • Lunch menus
  • Meeting information
  • Product promotions and sales
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Transportation updates
  • Upcoming events
  • Volunteer and job opportunities
  • Wayfinding

Who uses digital signage?

Just about everyone can benefit from digital signage:

  • Financial Institutions and Banks – display rates, promote additional services, occupy waiting customers with RSS feeds of news and weather, share community events
  • Commercial business – highlight your services, salespeople and awards
  • Hospitals – wayfinding, wait time updates, operating room coordination, gift shop and cafeteria information
  • Restaurants – promote menu items, share upcoming events, advertise additional locations, spotlight staff
  • Retail – share product updates, promotions and sales Schools and universities – wayfinding, departmental notices, upcoming events, highlight student work, stream sports events

Ultimately, any business that has a desire to communicate with customers or staff can benefit from digital signage.

What types of content can be displayed with digital signage?

  • Static and crawling copy
  • Photos
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Live streamed video
  • Animation Flash files
  • RSS feeds including social media updates, weather, news, etc.

Learn more about digital signage content by reading, “3 Critical Digital Signage Content Tips

How difficult is it to set up digital signage?

With the right partner, it’s as simple as flipping a switch. Find a one-stop digital signage provider who can cover all your signage needs. A good partner will:

  1. Assess your needs to determine your requirements, purpose, and budget.
  2. Design your perfect solution including screens, placement, hardware, and software.
  3. Install your signage preparing both your space and your team.
  4. Manage upgrades and repairs with rapid response to all your future hardware and software needs.

They’ll also train you on best practices to:

  • Design your content; whether in-house or out, you’ll develop internal systems for routing updates.
  • Publish and distribute your content and updates.

Choose Teksetra as your digital signage partner

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