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Determining the ROI of Digital Signage

White Paper

The utilization of digital signage as a form of marketing can be traced all the way back to 1928 with the world-famous “zipper” in Times Square. It was not until the 1980s that companies would begin making use of video monitors and VHS tapes to display retail advertisements. Since then, the popularity of this form of signage has grown exponentially, transcending the retail environment to find widespread use across all markets, from healthcare to consumer financial services. The reasons for this adoption range from advancements in technology that make implementation of a digital signage campaign more easily accessible to the ever-decreasing cost of displays and players. However, the driving force behind this sustained, substantial growth in utilization is clear: ROI (Return on Investment) and ROO (Return on Objective).

Understanding the methodology behind calculating ROI and ROO for digital signage prior to engaging in the planning phases of the campaign ensures a clear path to measurable success, one which avoids the many pitfalls of improper planning. Download our white paper to learn how to calculate your success with digital signage.

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