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Why You Should Use Digital Signage to Help Meet CDC Guidelines

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August 14, 2020

The COVID crisis has changed almost everything about how people socialize, interact, and travel. The ever-changing bombardment of information and new protocols released every day makes it challenging to keep up with what is societally responsible or even acceptable. For months, many found it safer and more comfortable to stay at home and avoid society altogether. As restrictions are easing up and businesses, schools, and workplaces are opening up, everyone needs to know how to keep up.

Organizations have tried many solutions for informing patrons about active policies and procedures. Some use signs, stickers, billboards, chalk, paint, or other markers to try to nudge people in the right direction. Still, frequent changes to regulations make these efforts overly costly and labor-intensive. It seems the second a business invests the time and expense into a sign, new CDC guidelines appear. How are employees expected to ensure public spaces are compliant with all this changing information? The solution is simple and increasingly cost-justified: Digital signage.

The Digital Advantage

Many hospitals, government centers, businesses, and educational institutions have switched from stationary signs to digital signage. The significant advantage of digital displays is quick customizability. Since you can control screens from a single dashboard, users can update once and the digital displays will update in schools across a district or branches of a national bank. This efficient communication of multiple messages cannot be understated. Here are some clever uses for digital signage:

  • Entrance Communications: Welcome customers, employees, students, and visitors to your establishment
  • Wayfinding: Include an interactive map that shows visitors the best way to navigate your facility, including new traffic paths for social distancing.
  • Policy Statements: Present new facility policies and expectations to visitors such as distancing, handwashing, and mask-wearing.
  • Business Information: Display hours, menu items, history, expected wait time, and more so customers feel informed about what to expect.
  • Encourage Best Practices: Update patrons about new CDC guidelines and encourage good behaviors such as covering their nose and mouth when coughing, washing their hands frequently, or timeless reminders like being courteous to others.
  • Showcase Brand Personality: Lift the mood with a joke or an inspirational message that speaks to your brand.
  • Call to Action: Some digital signs are even interactive and can handle tasks like making a reservation or signing up for a newsletter. In this case, we would recommend a UV light for regular disinfection.
  • Advertise: Make extra money by offering advertisement placement to other businesses.
  • Live Communication: Push live updates to your fleet of digital displays to ensure current factual information.

Save Time with Digital Signage

While digital signs are a more substantial investment than cardboard and paint, the useful advantages of instant customization and live communication make digital signage a cost-effective tool to expand your offerings. Interactive digital displays can even help reduce overhead as they can free personnel from informational responsibilities. Furthermore, digital signs lessen the need to invest time, money, and effort into the manual production and placement of stationary communications.

Where to start?

The principle objection for organizations to adopt digital displays is often due to technical anxiety. Investing in technology is great, but only when employees know how to use it. That’s why it’s essential to find a trusted partner to recommend hardware and software solutions and help you implement them. Whether you are a technology savant or opponent, Teksetra offers digital display solutions to solve and satisfy every need. Teksetra provides displays that help company innovators select the best audio/visual display technology, supported mounts, showcasing enclosures, and software that performs. Most importantly, BLM provides expert maintenance, support, and training to ensure that your organization squeezes every penny of your investment.

Save Time with Digital Signage

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