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Teksetra has the audiovisual (AV) solutions you need to enhance customer experience and make business happen — from high-performance hardware and software to robust maintenance and repair plans. Whether you’re looking to install digital signage in your lobby or need a cutting-edge projector for your conference room, Teksetra has you covered.

AV technology can take your business to the next level, and all it takes to get started is a quick conversation with Teksetra. Watch our explainer video or check out our AV solutions to learn more.


TRANSCRIPT: Time for a pop quiz. What do board rooms, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, grocery stores, and event venues have in common? Give up?

The answer is that they all use audiovisual equipment to empower their businesses — things like HD projectors, commercial sound systems, eye-catching digital signage, and even sound masking. These technologies are helping visitors find their ways in hospitals, protecting patient privacy and privileged conversations, and informing and entertaining guests during wait times. In board rooms, AV is improving productivity and connecting teams through video conferencing. Audiovisual equipment is even enhancing your visit to the local supermarket with sales information on digital signage and music over the sound system.

No matter what setting you imagine, chances are audiovisual equipment is playing a role in boosting sales; improving efficiencies; and enhancing the experiences of customers, visitors, and employees alike.

So, if you’re looking to bring AV into your business, the next question becomes: How do you get started?

That’s where the expert team at Teksetra come in. Teksetra has specialized in providing end-to-end total technology solutions for over four decades, and one of our missions is to help drive businesses forward through strategic AV solutions. With our simple, six-step process, we’ll help walk you through every decision to make sure you receive the perfect custom solution for your unique business — and it all begins with a conversation.

Our first goals are to determine your budget, estimated timeline, and how AV technology can best be utilized in your business. Then, we’ll send out an audiovisual expert to complete a site survey and get a clearer idea of your vision. Once we’ve built the framework for your project, our team will develop a custom solution for your location, working with a wide variety of manufacturers to find the highest quality components at the greatest possible price.

After that, we’ll provide a quote and create a digital mockup so you can see what your new AV equipment will look like in action. We’ll even send out a demo unit to show you how any necessary software works. Finally, our expert team will install your audiovisual equipment and bring your vision to life.

At Teksetra, we know that the work doesn’t end once your AV solution is installed. With our range of robust ongoing support and maintenance options, we’ll be there to lend a hand and keep your equipment up and running for as long as you need us. So, whether you need a powerful new projector in your board room, a dynamic sound system in your hotel lobby, or crystal-clear digital signage in your retail store, Teksetra has you covered with end-to-end AV solutions and support.

Ready to learn more? Contact Teksetra today to learn how our turnkey AV solutions can help take your business to the next level.

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