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Benefits of Optimizing Your Conference Room AV

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August 30, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of office spaces to change their primary forms of communication. Conference rooms shifted to regular online meetings via Zoom and the need for advanced technology began to grow. As more people work from home, businesses need to utilize audiovisual equipment to succeed. Here’s why you should consider fully optimizing your conference room with AV equipment.

What is AV Equipment?

“AV” stands for audiovisual equipment that incorporates sound and sight-based electronic media devices. AV equipment is required for presentations, conferences, and special events. You’ve seen AV equipment used for music, video sharing, and microphones. Offices and conference rooms need AV equipment to properly present important information, especially as more businesses utilize remote work settings.

AV Equipment in Office Settings

AV equipment has always been an important element of office settings. However, as more companies shift to remote and/or hybrid work, the need for AV equipment increases. One of the greatest parts of AV equipment is its ability to expand a flexible workspace. AV equipment can be used for everyday meetings, employee training, and video conferencing. To effectively accomplish these tasks, offices need microphones, projectors, and display screens.

Better Communication

As more team members work remotely, communication will be key to ensuring the success of your business. AV equipment can enhance the video conferencing experience outside of the typical remote office resources like Zoom or Teams. Granted, video conferencing services often provide their own features to improve communication between team members. In summary, advanced AV equipment can improve communication between in-office team members and remote workers.

Improved Sound Quality

The better you can hear your team members, the more efficient your workday will be. This can only be accomplished with the highest quality microphones and speakers. Advanced audio tools like ceiling microphones will make online meetings a lot easier for everyone. Improved sound quality can also ensure you’re sharing important company information without technology interference. Your sound equipment should also be easy to use for all your team members.

Sound Masking

Sound masking refers to AV equipment that minimizes external interference with online meetings. This increases workplace productivity, decreases meeting distractions, and maintains the privacy of your team members. Sound masking technology muffles background noise to make your meetings as quiet and focused as possible. Examples of this technology include microphones that automatically increase and decrease volume based on noise levels.

Digital Signage

High-quality digital signage can be of great value to your office space and significantly improve your presentations. It can be helpful to have coinciding AV equipment like big screen projectors, TVs, and touch screen displays to fully optimize your conference room. For remote online meetings, consider adding features like wide-angle HD cameras so everyone can see you clearly. Simply put, Visually appealing and informative digital signage will increase professionalism in your office.

Time Efficiency

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You log in to a Zoom meeting only to discover something isn’t working correctly. You click various buttons constantly asking the same question over and over again: “can you hear me now?” This is always frustrating and never happens during convenient situations. However, with AV equipment, you’re much less likely to experience annoying technical difficulties. This will decrease confusion surrounding your online office meetings.


If you’re interested in utilizing AV equipment, consider investing in outsourcing services. This may seem costly at first glance. However, the quality of services and equipment will be a cost-effective solution for your business. Outsourced AV services will provide advanced equipment, install your technology effectively, and regularly maintain these resources. In other words, outsourcing services help you save money while installing high-quality AV equipment.


If your office space is in need of upgraded AV equipment, consider Teksetra’s technology solutions! We provide the latest, highest quality technology while fully installing your AV system. As an added bonus, we provide regular maintenance services to make sure everything is working properly. We also provide sound masking and digital signage as individual services. Contact Teksetra to learn more about our AV equipment services today!

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