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How to Upgrade Church Audiovisual Equipment

Blog Post
December 18, 2020

Many churches rely on outdated audiovisual systems. While the church is about so much more than technology, updating your audiovisual system can help you reach more people and ensure they have the opportunity to hear your message.

Whether you have a small or large church, audiovisual equipment is one of the most valuable church IT components to have. Today, we’ll review what you need to know about updating your church audiovisual equipment.

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The Benefits of Upgrading Church Audiovisual Systems

Church audiovisual systems are beneficial for effectively sharing services and reaching the community. Here are the top reasons to upgrade church audiovisual systems:

  • Communication. The primary purpose of a church service is to communicate a message. The correct AV equipment will ensure that everyone can hear the service, which helps the church session run smoother and more effectively.
  • Seamless experience. Shrieking over the speakers or microphones cutting in and out detract from the church service. Having a quality AV solution will result in a better overall experience for every member of the church.
  • Engagement. Sharing graphics through videos and having quality audio will increase the engagement of those in the church service. Larger churches will also be able to make sure that every person gets an up-close view of the speaker.
  • Information retention. Visual information will help people learn and better retain the information shared in the sermon.
  • Streaming and recording. Churches worldwide have begun to record and stream sessions so that people can stay connected from anywhere. The ability to stream your sermons will help you reach a wider audience and keep members connected even if they cannot attend in person.

Preparing Your Church for Post COVID-19 Services

COVID-19 has shown how vital an up-to-date AV system is for churches. Many churches had to move services online and have continued to do so for maximum safety and flexibility. After COVID-19, no organization will operate the same, including churches. Churches must follow the CDC guidelines for the safety of their community. Even as you reopen in-person sermons and events, your AV system will play a huge role. You may need to spread out seating to accommodate social distancing, and additionally, you will have members who cannot attend in person. A high-quality AV system will help your church prepare for in-person and virtual sermons post-COVID-19.

Steps for Upgrading Your AV System

Assess Your Current Systems

Before tossing all of your current gear and swapping every item for a brand new version, take the time to inventory your existing equipment. Is there anything you can still use in some way? Or, can you repurpose items or donate them to another ministry? If there are parts of your AV system that may still function, consider which additions you need first and if your current system is compatible. You’ll need to examine your:

  • Wiring
  • Power
  • Mix position
  • Speaker selection/ placement
  • And more

Evaluate Your Sanctuary Usage

How does your church use its building? Assess the layout and usage of your sanctuary to start planning an AV system that makes sense. Consider your church’s growth opportunities as you gain new members and how that could impact how you use the space. How you use your sanctuary is a significant consideration for which AV technologies you get and where you place them. For example, a projector can drastically upgrade your space, but you’ll need a good grasp on your layout to choose the right projector and location.

Identify Cost-Effective Solutions

An upgraded AV system is an investment, and it’s one you’ll want to consider wisely. When shopping for an AV system, identify what gives you the most bang for your buck. Focus on the needs of your church as well as cost-effective options. Do not make a purchase just because the price is low. Instead, speak with other churches and learn about AV providers and devices.

Get Leadership to Buy-In

Before making any AV purchases:

  1. Make sure that leadership is on the same page.
  2. Help them understand the value of an upgraded AV system for your church and how it will help members.
  3. Share the research you’ve done and educate leadership on effectively using an AV system to enhance the sermons.

Av Solutions for Your Church

AV systems are no longer optional for churches. In light of the pandemic, the need for effective audio and visual equipment that enables live-streams and recordings is even more evident. The right AV system can help members get more from the service in person and virtually.

For the best AV solutions, Teksetra is here to help. We’ll handle the hardware, software, and everything beyond the products to ensure you get the best AV system for your church. To learn more, contact our audiovisual specialists today.

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