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Opening a Gym? Here’s Why You Should Invest in Quality Commercial Screens

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January 8, 2024

If you’re looking to open a gym, it’s important to consider how you’re going to get people’s attention. In today’s world, it’s important to have long-lasting, quality displays, and commercial-grade digital screens fill that niche perfectly. Before you make any big investments, though, be sure you know what you’re getting into, and what kind of digital signage will best fit your needs. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

The Power of Digital Signage in Gyms

If used correctly, digital signage can have a huge impact on your gym’s marketing efforts and improve the experience of your patrons as a whole. Having prominently displayed digital screens allows your gym to be much more efficient for you, and more engaging for your customers.

Studies show that dynamic digital signage is great for grabbing attention, and many people will check out an establishment simply because the signage caught their eye. If someone who notices your signage just so happens to be looking for a new gym, then all you have to do is close the deal, and you’ve got a new member. This leads to more efficient growth, and ultimately, a more successful gym community.

If you already have a few screens here and there from some past business venture, you should be fine to just use those and not make any new purchases, though, right? Not necessarily. There are a huge number of options when it comes to purchasing digital displays, and different establishments work best with different types of signage. This means that though those screens may have worked for whatever you used them for in the past, you may want to consider upgrading to a different model for your fitness center displays.

Commercial-Grade Screens vs. Consumer TVs

Having digital displays is important, sure, but why not just use a consumer TV instead of a commercial-grade screen? After all, they’re far cheaper and still very much capable of displaying a sharp image. The difference, though, is that consumer TVs simply aren’t built to last under the conditions you’d be using them in.

Commercial-grade screens, however, are equipped to handle 24/7 use, tend to have a far longer warranty, and often have repair and maintenance services bundled into the purchase, so not only will the display last longer, but it’ll be far easier to fix when it does eventually go out. Though they’re a more expensive investment upfront, commercial-grade screens are far more cost-efficient in the long term.

Beyond their durability, these screens thrive under varying light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility for gym members. Even under the bright fluorescents of gym lighting, members are able to enjoy their displayed content without worry of weird reflections or dim screen-light. By prioritizing the lasting quality and enhanced engagement that commercial screens bring to a fitness center, you can set the stage for a more immersive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Screens

Of course, you want to be sure you’re making an informed decision when purchasing your new commercial screens, so be sure to consider everything beforehand. Ensure that you can afford the displays you want, and have a plan to recoup the costs once the gym launches. In addition, consider how much usage you’ll get out of that initial investment so that you don’t have to buy a new expensive display every couple of years, and see if you can get custom branding for your displays if possible. Taking these factors into account will ensure that whatever investment you make is a worthwhile one.

Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Screens

That being said, what exactly are the different types of commercial screens you can buy, and what distinguishes them? That’s a bit of a complex question, but ultimately, it boils down to what environments and conditions they’re best suited for, what they can and can’t do, and the space you want them to occupy. Let’s take a look at a few of the most notable types to take into consideration, and which you should choose.


First up, there’s the type of display itself. Generally speaking, LED displays have the advantage over LCD displays in most respects, with one of the only disadvantages being price. They’ll display a sharper, more vivid image than LCDs and they’ll do it for far longer, but they do tend to be far more expensive, so if you’re starting your gym on a tight budget, they may be out of the question. If you decide to invest in LCD screens initially, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and they’ll serve you well while you get everything up and running. However, we would recommend swapping them out for LEDs once you’ve gotten the gym to a more stable position with a less restrictive budget.

Interactive vs. Non-Interactive

The difference between interactive and non-interactive digital gym signage is exactly what the name suggests: the ability to be influenced by the viewer. Typically, interactive displays feature a touchscreen that allows viewers to freely manipulate what they’re viewing, allowing you to provide access to a wealth of information about your gym in one convenient spot.

Of course, the major downfall of interactive displays is once again the price. Though the technology has been around for some time and continues to get cheaper, it’s still far more expensive than most non-interactive screens. Don’t stress if interactive displays aren’t in the cards for your gym just yet, though, non-interactive displays are still a great investment, and can be just as engaging if you know how to make use of them.

Size and Placement Considerations

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a digital display is also perhaps one of the simplest: where do you plan to place your new display? The size of your display is incredibly important here. After all, even if you have great plans for your new display, and invest in top-of-the-line signage, none of that matters if the display is too big to fit anywhere, or if it’s too small to be noticed. Consider where you want to set up your digital display, and invest in an appropriately-sized screen to ensure that both you and your patrons get the best possible use out of it.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Commercial Screens

So, we’ve gone over how to select the best commercial screen for your new gym, but still, why invest in commercial screens to begin with? High-quality commercial screens provide a number of benefits to just about any establishment, and gyms are no exception, even featuring a few unique benefits of their own.

For example, digital signage within the gym makes it easier for you and your staff to communicate, simply sending messages and information through the signs to be received by other staff members throughout the building. This allows for reminders to be sent and emergencies to be addressed with extreme efficiency, leading to a better experience on the customers’ end, and less frustration on yours.

Having a quality screen can make the member experience easier. How many times have you gone into a gym to workout and have found a number of the televisions down? Gym screens help members pass the time, whether by watching the news, shows, or music videos, and having reliable technology can increase customer loyalty and engagement.

In addition, signs placed in the windows or just outside of your gym can be used to encourage people to come inside. An attractive advertisement is worth a lot nowadays, with many people looking into things they had no prior interest in and making purchases they otherwise wouldn’t simply because they saw an interesting advertisement. Once you’ve caught their attention and they’ve decided to pay a visit, you can use indoor displays to keep them interested, giving them valuable information and enhancing the atmosphere as a whole. For example, you could have a display that showed all the upcoming classes they could attend, or simply the many services your gym provides, enticing them to stay for a little while longer.

Finding the Right Digital Signage Provider

All that being said, you’ll need to find the right provider to finally get your hands on a digital display. The most important thing when searching for a provider is that you know and understand your options.

When you’re investing in such a vital piece of technology, don’t take a gamble on your provider; find an established provider with a reputation for good work and high-quality products. This can be done simply by looking at what past customers have to say about them. If reviews are generally positive, you’ll probably be happy with the services rendered, and if they’re generally negative, you know who to avoid.

Assemble a list of potential providers, and then ask for demonstrations from the ones you think are most promising. If they’re willing to take the time to demonstrate their products and services, that speaks to their commitment to customer service, and allows you to see what you’ll be getting firsthand. Once you’ve done all this research, you’ll be able to pick the perfect provider for your up-and-coming gym.

Needless to say, digital signage can make or break your gym in its opening days, heavily influencing the foot traffic you have coming through. By taking advantage of this invaluable resource, you’ll be able to gain an edge over your competitors and establish yourself in the local fitness community, making quality digital signage well-worth the upfront investment. If you’d like to do more research to determine whether or not digital signage is right for you, or if you’d like to hire us as your providers, reach out and talk to one of our experts today!

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