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Field Service Trends For 2022

Blog Post
July 12, 2022

Businesses are currently undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of how and where employees work, and those in field service are no exception. They’re looking for more innovative, efficient ways to deliver value to customers, and in 2022, it’s likely that digitization will play a crucial role in the development of field service. It’s also likely that as the demand for field technicians grows, companies will source labor from an even wider talent pool. Here’s what to know about the current state of field service work and what to be watching for in the space in 2022 and the immediate future.

Wireless Work

In the modern age, wireless shopping and working capabilities have become more of an expectation than a luxury. Field technicians are increasingly adopting wireless devices and helping to troubleshoot wireless access points. Those in retail, especially, are looking to provide in-store customers with the kind of enhanced shopping experience that they enjoy online, and wireless devices allow them to do so. Connected devices include heat maps, which enable companies to analyze traffic, and beacon devices to connect mobile shopping experiences with brick and mortar stores.

Wireless technology is shaping the future of retail and beyond, which means that field technicians have their work cut out for them. Going forward, field services will need to adapt to the evolving expectations of customers and businesses alike. They will be faced with a variety of unique challenges related to wireless communication and should thus be prepared to tackle issues in the digital space.

Accelerated Adoption of Contactless Devices Across Industries

In addition to wireless devices, more and more businesses are implementing contactless devices that can be used by customers. Two of the most popular and well-known examples of these are self-checkouts and self-order kiosks. Even as the pandemic abates and consumers begin shopping in person again, it will be important for companies to meet the rising demand for contactless and self-serve shopping options. People have realized the value in being able to self-manage when shopping, and at this point, they’re not looking to turn back any time soon.

Field technicians will be tasked with servicing more contactless devices in 2022 and beyond. Because companies want to be able to get customers up and running as quickly as possible, field services will need to adapt to a more fast-paced, rapidly-evolving digital climate in which troubleshooting for self-serve devices is expected to be immediate. If a kiosk is down, businesses lose money, so technicians must be able to help resolve any issues as soon as they arise.

Outdoor Menu Boards and Pick-Up Lanes

Quick-serve restaurants are investing in outdoor menu boards and pick-up lanes so that, rather than having to enter the establishment to order, customers can quickly grab their food and go. Field technicians are likely to find themselves called to fast food restaurants more and more as businesses grapple with the challenges associated with trying to serve customers outside the building. In addition to servicing menu boards, technicians may also be expected to help with employees’ wireless technology for food ordering.

Increase in Technology Infrastructure Installation

Tech infrastructure installation, in general, is expected to increase as customers seek new, innovative shopping experiences. Technicians will be called to sites more often, as more and more businesses are digitizing their processes and will need support from time to time. Field services should plan for an uptick in demand going forward. This is especially true of businesses in the quick-serve and retail industries. Field technicians will be expected to handle the tech-related challenges faced by these businesses and help them find new solutions for keeping their infrastructure secure and up to date.

Teksetra Can Meet Your Tech Needs

The demand for field service work and technicians is expected to rise substantially in the coming months and years as businesses adopt digital models and solutions. As such, it’s become more important than ever for field services to monitor current trends and prepare to respond to a host of situations that may arise, particularly from quick-serve restaurants and retail businesses.

If you’re a business trying to keep up with consumer demands in the modern age, it can be helpful to have a trusted partner by your side that can help meet your tech needs. Teksetra’s outsourcing services provide flexible, customized support, including fulfillment, installation, IT support, moves and relocations, project services, repair and maintenance, and digital signage services.

Boasting a 97% SLA performance, Teksetra is uniquely suited to dispatch the appropriate technicians to your site. We consider factors such as geographic area and technician ranking to ensure that we send the right people to address whatever issues you’re facing.

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