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Revamp Your Conference Room For Return to Office

Blog Post
March 24, 2022

Once you get your in-office employees settled back in after working remotely, it’s time to think about your conference rooms. The return to office (RTO) process is the perfect time to consider upgrading old technology and optimizing your workspace for maximum comfort and efficiency. Here are some ways to revamp your conference room when returning to the office.

Upgrade Video Conferencing

As more people return to work on-site, many companies are adopting a hybrid model where employees work from home some days of the week and on-site the others. As remote work becomes more commonplace, it’s essential to ensure that all employees can join in on conferences, regardless of where they are working. The goal is to make people feel that they’re actually in the meeting, not just on a video call.

Many companies have been using platforms such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Teams, and more. Different platforms offer their own features and solutions to improve video conferencing, and some businesses are even leveraging AI to give their remote conference attendees a hyper-realistic experience. Teksetra offers a number of audiovisual solutions to improve your video conferencing technology. Our AV solutions and services include mounts and stands, professional installation, and maintenance. Share your wishlist with us and we’ll tell you our solution for you!

Place Digital Signage Outside Conference Rooms

Digital signage plays an important role in helping people get to where they need to be, but it can also be used to reserve rooms or units. People can easily find out when rooms are in use, how long they will be in use for, and when the next available time for reservation is. Many businesses that use digital signage see an increase in satisfaction among employees and customers alike. Employees, in particular, can benefit from being able to schedule meetings or conferences with digital signage and monitor technology.

Teksetra’s digital signage solutions and services include robust planning, high-performing software, and mounts and enclosures. Whether you’re looking to place digital signage in or outside of your conference room, we can help you find the right hardware and software for your business. There are many ways you can take advantage of digital signage, and conference rooms are only the tip of the iceberg.

Implement Sound Masking For Outside of Conference Rooms

Sound masking is the process of including ambient sounds to reduce unwanted noise in an environment. This can be important when conducting meetings, as you don’t want to be distracted by what’s going on outside the room. Conversely, you may not want confidential meetings to be heard from people outside the room. You might also use sound masking to reduce sounds within the room itself. There are a number of ways you can use sound masking to your advantage, so it can be useful to research solutions until you find one that works best.

One of the best ways to use sound masking is to place a microphone in the conference room to alert the system that is outside of the room when to increase volume. You can also have zones in different parts of the office. Teksetra provides acoustic engineering services and sound dampening and as well as sound masking solutions. These are optimized for quick and convenient installation. Best of all, they can be hidden easily, meaning that you won’t have to deal with any eyesores in or around your conference room.

Install Displays and Projectors

People are increasingly shifting from projectors to big screens, turning to companies like Logitech for technology and Teksetra for installation. Having a big screen in your conference room can help promote collaboration and enhance the viewer experience. For a a more interactive experience, you might consider installing a touchscreen display.

If your conference room is too small to host a screen, you may want to stick with a traditional projector. Teksetra offers expert installation services, helping users install everything from projectors to computers. By partnering with Teksetra for installation, you get access to a nationwide network of professionals that can help you along each step of the process.

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Conference room revamping should not be overlooked in your RTO process. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you reimagine your conference room!

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