Canon 15/Box WaffleTechnology Cleaning Cards for CR-Series Check Scanners

Item No. KWCAN-C1B15WS

This superior cleaning card is embraced by Canon as the only product to use on all the Canon check scanner models. Use this product once per week or after 2,000 checks scanned. 15 per box.


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POS Supply’s KWCAN-C1B15WS Canon Check Transport Cleaning Cards feature Waffletechnology – designed to clean successfully as they transport through the paper path. These specialty cleaning cards outperform ordinary flat cards by using a proprietary cleaning formula for high-speed processing devices and patented spring-loaded waffles engineered to reach and gently apply pressure to target surfaces including recessed optical sensors along the transport pathway. Waffletechnology® is approved and recommended by Canon as the preventative cleaning solution to increase transaction efficiencies and maintain reliable device performance. These cards are also pre-saturated with WonderSolvent™, an eco-friendly cleaning solution, to remove all dirt, ink, dust and skin oils from the optical lens and other interior components. This is the only cleaning card on the market that are approved to clean the sensitive Magnetic Heads, Lens, Transport Rollers in your Canon imageFORMULA Check Scanner. Using this safe and effective product will help improve image quality and avoid annoying misreads and bad scans.

Canon Check Transport Cleaning Cards with Waffletechnology & Wonder Solvent, KWCAN-C1B15WS (15 Cards / Box)

  • Card Size = 4.25” x 7.25”
  • Pre-saturated with WonderSolvent™ and individually sealed
  • Packaged 15 cards per box
  • Approved by Canon
  • Reduces residue build-up without dismantling equipment
  • Quick, easy, inexpensive preventative maintenance
  • Compatible item numbers: 660685010956, 1904v566, KWCAN-C1B15WF


Waffletechnology Check Transport Cleaning Cards will clean the following Canon Check Scanners:

  • CR-25
  • CR-50
  • CR-55
  • CR-80
  • CR-135i
  • CR-180
  • CR-180II
  • And many others


Benefits & Features

  • Featuring Waffletechnology® – Patented spring-loaded waffles effectively reach and clean target areas including recessed read sensors that ordinary flat cards simply can’t
  • WonderSolventTM Cleaning Formula – Specifically formulated to break down and safely remove dirt, grime, ink, paper particles, and other contaminants from performance-critical surfaces inside high-speed check scanner devices
  • OEM Approved – Meets specific cleaning criteria by the OEM (Canon) and is recommended as the preferred cleaning card for effective routine preventative cleaning
  • Individual, Single-use Packaging – Guarantees consistent quality, 100% solution retention, and simple transport/storage for convenient access when needed

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