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Canon imageFORMULA CR-150

Item No. 1721C001

Enhance traditional check processing with the easy-to-operate, compact Canon imageFORMULA CR-150 check transport. With high-speed, high-quality, precise processing capabilities plus reliable item handling and other useful features, the CR-150 check transport can help promote adaptability and productivity for financial applications.


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The CR-150 check transport can help assist in moving paper checks and related documents in front-counter teller settings, merchant/remote deposit capture (RDC) applications, and remittance processing, as well as higher-volume tasks such as back-office/branch capture, lockbox applications. It enables users—in environments such as banks, credit unions, and retail—to improve their point-of-presentment applications by helping to automate funds deposits for quicker transaction times, decrease errors and fraud, improve customer service, and lower capital and processing costs.

Optimal for teller counters and merchant desks, the CR-150 check transport’s small footprint can fit comfortably on countertops with limited workspace. The scanner is designed for easy use and has multifunction compatibility, combining the functions of many peripherals found at the teller station into one single device, thereby reducing counter space requirements and helping to improve efficiency. For added usability, the CR-150 check transport has two additional USB ports in the hub to connect to additional USB peripheral equipment such as PIN pad, receipt printer, fingerprint authentication device, and more.

Scanning up to 150 items per minute with a 150-item Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), the CR-150 check transport can perform high-speed scanning for a wide range of document types, such as business and personal checks. It also includes a built-in ultrasonic sensor to help prevent misfeeds. To handle these, the cover of the CR-150 check transport can be opened, which also allows users access to the scanning glass and feed rollers for routine maintenance.

The CR-150 check transport is equipped with features for efficient check processing. To help meet strict audit regulations, the built-in, five-line imprinter prints and captures endorsement information on checks. The CR-150 check transport is also modular and scalable, with functionality that can be added as required. With a dedicated card-scanner, users can scan plastic or embossed cards, and with the Magnetic Swipe Reader (MSR), users can also capture information from the magnetic stripe of a bank card. The CR-150 check transport also supports the most commonly used check scanning software, including the industry standard, Ranger Transport API.

To deliver high image quality, the CR-150 check transport is equipped with image processing features such as Fine Text Filtering to allow for sharper image capture with less distortion, delivering better Optical Character Recognition (OCR) accuracy. Magnetic Optical Character Recognition (MOCR) is also used, combining Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reading with OCR processing to capture accurate MICR data. These capabilities ensure high read rates that mitigate risks associated with digitizing checks.


  • Models: 1722C001, 1721C001, 0132T237, 0132T236
  • Speed Options: 120/150 dpm (b/w & color)
  • Duty Cycle: 12,000 Scans Daily
  • Feed Capacity: 150 Items
  • Ink/Franker Options: Inkjet
  • Output Pocket: 1 Pocket – 200 Items
  • Resolution: 100, 120, 150, 200, 240, 300 dpi
  • Maximum Document Size (H x L): 4.3″ x 9.6″
  • USB 2.0 Interface(s): Yes – High-Speed
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.0″ x 6.7″ x 9.4″
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs.
  • Features and Options:
    • MICR/OCR: yes
    • Double Feed Detection: no
    • Barcode Recognition: no
    • ID Card Scanning: no
    • Inkjet Printer for Cashier’s Checks: no
  • Other Features: Auto-Page Size Detection, Edge Emphasis, Imprinter, Color Enhancement, Color Deviation Correction, Shading Comp, Color Dropout, Border Removal, Fine Text Filtering, IQA, Deskew, Contract Adjustment, Multistream

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