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Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1

Item No. 3595C002

The Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1 compact check transport is an easy-to-use solution for high-volume batch Remote Deposit Capture and remote lockbox check processing. With high-quality image scanning, precise MICR accuracy, and reliable item handling, the CR-L1 check transport can help distributed check processing. Designed to streamline processes, the CR-L1 check transport is intended to meet the needs of high-volume batch Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and remote lockbox check processing as part of an electronic deposit management solution. Small to medium-size businesses, remote offices, merchants, and other remote users can use the CR-L1 to scan checks, money orders, and related payment documents, helping to reduce processing time and courier costs.


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Compact in size, the small footprint of the CR-L1 check transport is designed to fit areas with limited workspace. In addition, an advanced paper handling mechanism provides smooth, jam-free feeding, and if a misfeed does occur, high-precision Infrared Double-Feed Detection Sensors help to ensure that no data is lost undetected. Also, the simple design allows the check scanner to be easily opened, for routine cleaning and maintenance of the scanning glass and rollers as well as clearing paper jams.

Scanning up to 45 checks per minute (CPM), the CR-L1 check transport simultaneously captures the front and back sides of items in color, black and white, or grayscale. The 50-item Auto Feeder and 50-item Eject Pocket allow for batch scanning. A series of built-in electronic sensors detect misfeeds. The CR-L1 is also flexible enough to reliably handle multiple document types, including paper checks, money orders, coupons, payment vouchers, pay stubs, and more. A built-in, single-line printer can add physical rear endorsement on items, and virtual endorsement is available for the front and rear of item images. Both are customizable and can imprint up to 48 characters.

Hard-to-scan items, such as checks with busy graphic backgrounds or low-contrast text, are captured by the CR-L1 check transport as high-quality images using Canon’s advanced binarization technology, standard in the CR-L1, as well as in Canon’s entire check scanner line. Image processing features such as Fine Text Filtering allow for sharper image capture with less distortion, resulting in better Optical Character Recognition (OCR) accuracy. Magnetic Optical Character Recognition (MOCR) is also used in the CR-L1, combining Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) with OCR processing to capture accurate MICR data. These features increase read rates and information capture with clarity and precision, helping to reduce exception items due to nonconforming images.

The CR-LI check transport shares a common integration platform with all Canon check scanners: the CR Software Development Kit (SDK) and Silver Bullet Technology’s™ Ranger API. Included with the CR-L1 is a new driver installer that can run this device, as well as the legacy Canon imageFORMULA CR-50 or CR-80 check transports. This new driver will also emulate the CR-50 or CR-80 on the CR-L1 in RDC applications, making the CR-L1 compatible with existing RDC software packages already tested with both legacy check transports.


  • Model: 3595C002
  • Speed Option(s): 45 dpm
  • Scanned Image:
    • Color: yes
    • Bi-Tonal: no
    • B&W: yes
    • Grayscale: yes
  • Endorsement Printing:
    • Rear Inkjet: yes
    • Front Franking: no
  • Input Pocket: 50 Items
  • Exit Pocket: 50 Items
  • Maximum Document Size (H x L): 4.3″ x 9.0″
  • USB Standard Interface: yes, high-speed USB 2.0
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 5.5” x 8.8″ x 7.4″
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.
  • Features and Options:
    • MICR/OCR: yes
    • ID Imager: no
    • Optional MSR Reader: no
    • Full Page/Tall Document Scanning: no
    • Scalable to Batch Feed: yes
    • Thin Client Compatible: no
    • Optional Receipt Printer: no
  • Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year AUE

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