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3 Insights When Choosing Remote Deposit Capture Hardware

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May 5, 2019

Insight #1: Choose Remote Deposit Capture hardware that benefits your small business client

When choosing Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) hardware, do so with your small business clients in mind.

Small businesses are probably the most underserved market segment today. The US Small Business Administration says the 28 million in the US account for 54% of all US sales and 55% of jobs.

That’s a lot of low-hanging fruit and although it’s difficult to generalize the specific banking needs across the wide variety of retail, service, consulting, medical, manufacturing, design, repair and other organizations independently owned and operated across the 50 states, nearly 75% of all small businesses say they prefer to accept checks or cash instead of credit cards.

“Nearly 75% of all small businesses say they prefer to accept checks or cash instead of credit cards.”

Although consumers are using credit cards more and more, there’s still a large percentage of small businesses relying on checks that need to be properly serviced by their financial partner with swift cash management solutions.

Savvy small businesses reevaluate their bank every few years and 35% say they will leave their current bank for better digital services. Providing a solid program complete with well-chosen RDC hardware options, warehousing, maintenance and repair for your small business clients is an absolute must to keep those you have now and grow your customer base in the future.

Insight #2: Choose a Remote Deposit Capture hardware fulfillment partner

Your RDC service is only as good as your ability to fulfill your clients’ hardware needs.

Provide a world-class experience by choosing an RDC hardware fulfillment partner instead of holding these duties in-house.

By choosing an RDC hardware fulfillment partner, you benefit in significant ways.

  • No need to warehouse
    Unless you have a lot of unused rooms in your portfolio, properly storing RDC hardware will take up space. The more successful your RDC program, the more space you’ll need as well as personnel to manage it.With the right RDC fulfillment partner, you benefit from their facilities, workforce and overall experience.
  • Provide a broader selection
    Another benefit to full warehousing facilities is having the available space necessary to hold enough variety of RDC hardware to accommodate the specific needs of your clients.
  • Scaling and uneven demand
    Staffing for in-house fulfillment can be difficult if demand grows too quickly or fluctuates seasonally. By choosing the right RDC hardware partner, your clients get top service year-round, all in your good name.

Insight #3: Have a Remote Deposit Capture hardware repair and maintenance plan

Having an RDC hardware repair and maintenance plan to offer your clients is an absolute necessity. How many offices have a cupboard or closet full of neglected hardware gathering dust and resentment because no one knows who to call to have them fixed?

Keeping RDC hardware in proper working order keeps your RDC service relevant and successful as well as creating goodwill with your clients.

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