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9 Best RDC Check Scanners for Your Business

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April 22, 2020

After working with financial institution technology for more than 45 years, we know a thing or two about check scanners. We’ve covered what to consider when selecting a check scanner and the state of remote deposit capture, but now it’s time to give you our top picks for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) scanners. Expertly adapt your customers’ RDC needs to meet work from home environments with our selection of single feed, multi-feed, and networked check scanners for deposits.

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What do check scanners SKUs mean?



Panini I:Deal

Type: Single-feed

Speed: up to 50 dpm

Price: $330.33

Shop Panini I:Deal

Panini designed the I:Deal specifically for small businesses, so it’s an appropriate scanner to head up our RDC list. It’s the optimal combination of a low total cost of ownership and professional quality in a user-friendly package.

As a single-feed scanner, each check will need to be hand-fed, so it’s best for infrequent RDC needs (less than 20 checks a day.) With a 10-item exit pocket, the I:Deal reduces paper handling and increases scanning integrity. The RDC scanner also offers dual-sided image capture, a front-franking stamp, and MICR and OCR reading capabilities. The Panini I:Deal is an excellent check scanner for deposits in a small business setting.


Epson CaptureOne TM-S1000Epson CaptureOne TM-S1000

Type: Single-feed

Speed: 30, 60, 90 dpm

Price: $770.99

Shop Epson CaptureOne

The Epson CaptureOne is an effective low-cost check reader for small businesses. With the highest MICR accuracy in its class, electronic endorsement features, and adjustable exit pockets (1 or 2), it’s a single-feed powerhouse. This scanner is known by our clients to be extremely reliable with a long lifespan.


Digital CheXpress CX30Digital CheXpress CX30

Type: Single-feed + Network capable

Speed: 30 dpm

Price: $369.66

Shop Digital Check CX30

Low volume environment? Look no further than the Digital CheXpress CX30. This model features high-quality image capture at a small business price. Just because the CX30 is inexpensive doesn’t mean it lacks functionality.

Dubbed “fool-proof” by many users, this model features a bi-directional MICR reader for accurate data collection, automatic image rotation, and a scan and return paper path. And with lower power consumption and remote shutdown capabilities, the CX30 is truly a green machine. This great check reader for small businesses is quiet and features a small desk footprint; perfect for small or home office environments.

The Digital CheXpress CX30 is also useful for those looking to be future-proof. With a simple network attachment, the single-feed scanner can be easily transformed into a networked model.


Panini-ml-DealPanini mI:Deal

Type: Single-feed + Networked

Speed: 30 dpm

Price: $522.99

Shop Panini mI:Deal

Panini mI:Deal is a practical, smart, and secure solution for cost-effective and reliable check capture. The scanner offers great deployment flexibility, seamlessly connecting wired or wirelessly, and API-free connectivity to RDC applications.

Like the I:Deal, the mI:Deal features a 10-item exit pocket for efficient document management. This scanner also offers a front-franking stamp, MICR, duplex imaging, and an auto-alignment mechanism for ease of use.



imageformula-cr-l1-imageCanon CR-L1

Type: Multi-Feed

Speed: 45 dpm

Price: $495.00

Shop Canon CR-L1

The Canon imageFORMULA CR-L1 is a multi-feed scanner for a single-feed price. Ideal for mid-volume RDC environments, this check scanner offers remote lockbox check processing to reduce processing time and courier costs. Count on the CR-L1 for ease of use, reliable document handling, precise MICR reading, and high-quality imaging.

This scanner has comprehensive endorsement functionality, both virtually and physically, with a single-line imprinter. The CR-L1 is also an excellent solution for the environmentally conscious, meeting ENERGY STAR guidelines as well as Eu RoHS and WEEE compliance.


panini-vision-xPanini Vision X

Type: Multi-Feed

Speed: 50 dpm

Price: $1,124.99

Shop Panini Vision X

Reliability and value intersect in the Panini Vision X. This Panini check scanner offers MICR read accuracy, superior image quality, and quiet operation. While known for its remote deposit capture applications, the Vision X can also process non-check documents such as utility bills. And with a three-mode feeder, you can run checks with a single-document drop feed, an auto-feed for a small batch, or a larger batch by expanding the feeder opening.

Want to save on your investment? Consider getting a refurbished model! The Panini VX50s have a high rate of repair success in our facilities, and many of our customers utilize the refurbished Vision X option.


ts-240Digital Check TellerScan TS240

Type: Multi-Feed

Speed: 50-100 dpm

Price: $886.25

Shop Digital Check TS240

Known as a powerhouse check scanner for deposits, the TellerScan TS240 represents proven performance and reliability. This model is a popular option for our customers in high-volume environments.

With the capacity to scan hundreds of checks and documents, the TS240 saves time and improves the user experience. It’s one of the lowest-priced scanners in the multi-feed high-speed check scanning lineup. The TS240 boasts a 50-100 dpm speed, easy-to-clean polymer rollers, and a package of image-capture and enhancement software to produce the clearest images possible.


Panini-EverneXtPanini EverneXt

Type: Multi-Feed + Networked

Speed: 100, 160 dpm

Price: $1,089.00 – $1,249.00

Shop Panini EverneXt

The successor to the Vision neXt, the Panini EverneXt brings performance and quality to the next level. This Panini check scanner model targets some of the most common barriers (environment, operator, and document quality issues) for optimal usability and productivity. The EverneXt also allows API-free, OS-agnostic integration to a variety of host devices via HTTPS protocol. (But if you’re already using an API-based application, that works, too.)

The scanner is ideal for demanding check capture environments and can digitize a wide range of deposit and payment related documents. From a UX perspective, the useful LCD helps you check your connectivity status, historical data, error and user messages, and inkjet cartridge monitoring.

Simply put, the EverneXt’s capability to plug and play is what stands out.


Smartsource-Pro-Elite-113016Digital Check SmartSource Expert Elite

Type: Multi-Feed + Networked

Speed: 55, 150 dpm

Price: $1,124.80 – $1,320.23

Shop Digital Check SmartSource Expert Elite

The SmartSource Expert Elite scanner adds a standard Ethernet connection and onboard intelligence to the SmartSource Elite series. PC-independent with built-in memory and processing power, this scanner provides the flexibility to operate over a browser-based interface in nearly any computing environment or operating system.

Necessary API files are run internally, solving many bandwidth and compatibility issues that other models experienced. The SmartSource Expert Elite also offers internal MICR/OCR reading, image cleanup and formatting, and compression before the image is passed to the workstation.


With so many check scanner options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best remote deposit capture solution for your financial institution. At Teksetra, we’ll help you through every step of our RDC process to find a solution that fits your budget, meets your needs, and helps your financial institution achieve its goals.

Questions? Whether it’s your first RDC scanner or your thousandth, we’d love to assist!

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