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How to Install Your Check Scanner for Remote Deposit Capture

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December 23, 2019

Remote deposit capture (RDC) installation doesn’t always go as smoothly as it should. Between confirming scanner-software-OS compatibility and jumping through the regulatory hoops, setup can be a bona fide headache. Armed with remote deposit capture best practices and a solid checklist, however, you can breeze through your next installation.

Before You Begin

First, gather all the necessary tools.

1. Dedicated computer

To use remote deposit capture, you will need a computer to connect to the scanner. Make sure that the computer offers available—preferably rear—USB and power connections. For best results, unplug any unnecessary cables or equipment from the computer, as extra accessories can affect connectivity, power consumption, and overall performance.

2. Up-to-date operating system

Perform a clean install of your operating system to clear content on the hard disk. (Note: Download any important files beforehand.) If this computer was used for another purpose previously, it may have extraneous apps or tool bars loaded that can cause unnecessary problems. Starting with a clean and current operating system will help ensure consistent operation and optimal security.

3. Reliable Internet

A well-functioning computer is best paired with a strong Internet connection. This makes all the difference during installation, especially if you will receive installation support remotely. If using Wi-Fi, it’s also important to use a secure network—one that is password protected and not widely shared.

4. Quality cabling

Be sure to connect your equipment with quality USB and power cables. Investing in quality cabling ensures that while issues may arise, it won’t be on account of the connection. Shelling out a little extra will also help the longevity of your cables; Avoiding problems now and later.

5. Business-compatible check scanner

Your bank will most likely provide a scanner or let you choose from a list of software-compatible models. If you’ve yet to select a scanner, check out our guide on choosing the correct type for your business.


1. Get administrator access

Admin access is often required to download and install software and drivers. Request your help desk personnel’s help ahead of time to expedite the process once you’ve started—and to stay on their good side.

2. Uninstall old programs

If applicable, uninstall any old software or drivers. These programs stay on your system from previous equipment or banks and may cause issues with your new RDC set-up. It’s also advisable to close any unnecessary software prior to installation. The less you have running, the faster and smoother the process.

3. Configure your browser security settings

Browser security settings are key to web-based software functionality. If the computer was previously under personal use at your business, it’s important reset any settings that may conflict with the security requirements of the bank or the software. Either party may also request additional browser settings to ensure the soundness of the RDC program.


1. Activate your computer

You should receive a login name, password and computer activation code from your bank; different for each workstation at your branch. A link to the software should also be provided. Follow this link and the prompts to activate your computer for RDC use.

2. Perform prerequisites

Your software may request a system requirement test or security check. Perform these tasks before continuing with your installation.

3. Install your driver

Leave your scanner disconnected during the installation. Choose your scanner from the list of models on the software website and click the install button. Once the installation is complete, log out of the remote deposit capture system and restart your browser.


Now that your RDC software is installed, it’s time to test the system. Plugin your scanner, login, and input a test check through the scanner. Confirm that you can view the front and back images of the check and that the MICR line is readable. If all parts of the check are viewable, congrats—you’ve successfully installed your remote deposit capture system.

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