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5 Benefits of Teller Image Capture Check Scanning

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November 13, 2020

Teller image capture (TIC) hardware has evolved dynamically in recent years. Check scanners have greatly improved and are now far more proficient in speed, document handling, cost, and paper handling. By revisiting teller image capture hardware, you can not only increase your teller efficiency but also your customers’ experience – something vital in today’s demand for top customer service.

Before branch-level check scanning, it used to take several days to clear checks from bank of first deposit to the paying bank. Although customers can now see same day credit for deposited checks, the process of scanning checks at the end of the day can be even more improved upon by allowing tellers to scan and image capture right at the window.

If your bank still scans checks at the end-of-day, consider these five ways teller image capture can benefit your business.

Improve Teller Efficiency

Teller check scanning captures an image that is automatically processed, shortening teller transaction time and eliminating back-office closing time previously devoted to checks.

  • Eliminate work backloads as teller work can be completed throughout the day.
  • Ease teller stress with ongoing balances.
  • Focus on your customer with less teller involvement in processing transactions and enable employees to better cross-sell other products and services.
  • Improve the customer experience through more dedicated service, extended availability deadlines, and confirmed transaction receipts.
  • Reduce training and day one staffing because the ease of Teller Image Capture use makes for a shorter learning curve and higher teller confidence.

Eliminate Errors

Check scanning at the window means tellers are more likely to catch any errors while the customer is still present making them far easier to correct. Teller capture also helps eliminate document loss because documents no longer need to be moved to the back-office and wait for end-of-day.

  • Tighten transaction integrity by converting paper items to virtual tickets at the teller window. By doing so, you eliminate keying errors, duplicate document handling, costly deposit correction notices, and the risk of document misplacement.
  • Accelerate check clearing and minimize exceptions, improve branch research capabilities, and reduce adjustments.
  • Reduce printing and create a paperless environment.

Enhance Customer Experience

Automated check scanning allows your tellers to remain focused on your customer rather than redirecting attention to pen-on-paper processing. Your tellers will also have more opportunities to cross-promote additional products and services. Overall, your customers experience a more robust interaction that can lead to increased satisfaction.

  • Shorten wait times by scanning and not keying information – something which can account for half the transaction work.
  • Improve customer transaction time when tellers defer larger deposits by recording the information at the initial transaction time but recalling and scanning supporting documentation later when the customer rush has subsided.

Reduce Fraud

Check scanning produces an audit trail of all transactions instantly allowing tellers to spot duplicate and other potentially suspect transactions while the customer is still at the window. A huge advantage over discovering fraud at the end of the day, long after the perpetrator is gone.

  • Reduce fraud and identity theft through included Teller Image Capture safeguards while the customer is at the teller window. At the point of presentment, the validation of the routing number, non-MICR ink, on-us account number, non-issued positive paychecks, exceeded CTR limits and stop payment matches alert tellers and suggests steps of resolution.
  • Capture ID and authentication for verification of customer credentials.

Be Greener

Teller image capture allows you to eliminate some internal paper documents and replace them with digital versions. It’s even more impactful if you currently transport paper documents to a processing center or another branch for back-office processing.

  • Eliminate paper waste and expense.
  • Reduce the cost of couriers, fuel and other expenses along with reducing your environmental impact.

How to Get Started With Teller Image Capture

You can significantly increase your teller efficiency and your customers’ experience with teller image capture. Ready to get started? Begin by choosing a national hardware and maintenance partner to make your job easier. Or, do a little more research and figure out the right questions to ask when selecting a check scanner. They may be more affordable than you would think.

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