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IT Relocation Checklist: A Complete Guide

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August 23, 2022

Relocating your IT can be a complicated and challenging process. Neglecting this aspect of an office transition may lead to disruptions in the ability of your employees to complete their work or for customers to get the help they need. We’ve compiled a complete IT relocation checklist to help streamline your move.

Don’t Have the Time or the Know-How?

Our professionals at Teksetra can help! Teksetra provides IT relocation services for businesses moving office locations. We understand how difficult it can be to move important and delicate IT equipment. Thankfully, our team of highly trained technology-relocation experts are ready to get the job done! In the meantime, here’s a checklist of all the tasks you’ll need to complete before your IT relocation.

8 Steps for a Successful IT Relocation

1. IT Relocations Should Be Planned Well in Advance

You never know what can happen during the moving process, especially if you try to finalize logistics last minute. Thus, it’s highly recommended that you contact all your carriers, internet service providers (ISPs), and technology vendors at least 2 months before your move. Temporarily assign a team member to manage IT moving and work with them to ensure a successful office relocation. You should also plan to visit your new office location to complete network cabling requirements.

2. Audit and Evaluate Your Equipment

Your move is the perfect opportunity to update all of your equipment. Take an inventory of all your technology to find out if anything needs to be replaced and/or repaired. This will also be the best time to figure out if it will be suitable for your new office location. If you need assistance with this portion of the process, utilize Teksetra’s technology assessment and lifecycle services. We can help you navigate your technology and optimize equipment during the relocation.

3. Assess Critical Infrastructure and Communications Needs

Part of the reason why you need to visit the new office is to evaluate whether or not they can accommodate your cabling and communications needs. Your new location may not have the infrastructure needed to properly run your business. During your visit, count the number of Cat 5 cables, Cat 6 cables, power outlets, and phone lines available at the new office. If anything is missing, make sure it’s added prior to your move.

4. Analyze the New Space Before the Relocation Begins

Once you’ve confirmed communication requirements, you’ll need to create a checklist of other business needs while visiting the new location. Analyze the new office’s configuration plan and pass it along to your IT provider. Figure out where you plan to place your printers, routers, scanners, and other office equipment. At the same time, make sure there’s optimal room for workstations and that they’re nearby important network cabling points.

5. Consider Your Internet and Telecommunication Options

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning your relocation is the perfect opportunity to find out if your telecommunications need an upgrade. Find out if your new office location has the line capacity you need to run your business. If you’re changing your phone number, set up call forwarding. While you’re finalizing telecommunication logistics, find out what kind of phone system works best for your new location. Set up your internet prior to your move.

6. Backup Your Data Multiple Times

Even if your relocation goes perfectly, it’s always best to plan for the worst-case scenario. When in doubt, back up your data. Don’t just have one place for your data, plan for several backup options for all of your business’s information. This should include details like firewalls and servers. In other words, if something were to go wrong, you should be able to have a full recovery and be able to access all your company data.

7. Prepare for Moving Day

Your equipment will require specific expertise and transportation requirements. Teksetra provides IT relocation services to conveniently move your office equipment. While working with Teksetra, it’s important to create a list of everyone involved with the relocation and their assignments. On moving day, transport your backup data to the new location, make sure all of your cables are labeled correctly, and disconnect your equipment at the previous office.

8. Test Your New Configuration

Teksetra’s IT support services can assist you on moving day to test all of your equipment and make sure everything’s running smoothly. If you’re experiencing any technical difficulties, our professionals will be available to help on-site. Make sure your power outlets and network ports are in the correct location. Take some time to check your internet connection, phone line, and communications equipment.

Enjoy Your New Office Setup!

Once you’ve completed your checklist of IT relocation requirements, you’re officially ready to get settled into your new office! Technology will be an essential aspect of your business, so it’s important to make sure everything’s in working order. This includes all of your company data, office equipment, and phone lines.

If you’re planning to move into a new office, our IT professionals at Teksetra are ready to help! We provide IT installation, moving and relocation services, and so much more. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your office equipment!

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