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Data Center Move Checklist

Blog Post
August 16, 2022

No matter the industry, relocations are bound to happen. These happen for many reasons, but the tedious process of moving important data can be a lot to handle. Thankfully, data center relocation doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a guide to simplifying the data center moving process so you can run your business smoothly.

How to Prepare for a Data Center Move

Having a well-structured data relocation plan can significantly streamline the process. It’s important to be detailed and obtain the right resources to complete a successful move.

  1. Take time to create a data center relocation plan and figure out what resources you’ll need.
  2. Test backups in advance to reduce risk and downtime.
  3. Prepare for downtime of storage, network, and server equipment.
  4. Be ready to execute the plan successfully.
  5. Finalize logistical relocation concerns such as moving tools, physical spaces of elevators, and packing areas.

Conduct a Comprehensive Inventory Audit of Your Current Data Center

Before completing a data center move, you need to take inventory of the equipment you already have. Get all your machinery pieces listed before they’re unplugged and sent down to a loading dock. Be aware of any necessary replacements or upgrades as you examine items. Write down scheduled backups and active workloads to prevent falling behind. As you complete your inventory, figure out how much time it’s gonna take to unplug and pack up your data center.

Consider the Current Stage of the Hardware Lifecycle

If it’s possible to upgrade your hardware or software before the move, now is the chance to get it done. While taking inventory, any damaged or outdated hardware must be replaced. Consider working with Teksetra to upgrade your hardware. Our lifecycle services replace any outdated or broken equipment. We’ll help you select the best hardware for your budgetary and technology needs. Our plans can track, acquire, support, and decommission various forms of technology.

Get the Right People Involved From the Start

No matter how much time you take to develop the perfect data relocation plan, the job won’t get done without assistance from other people. A data center relocation team should include physical movers, managers, and digital teams. Together, you’ll come up with an official moving date that doesn’t interfere with your business. Make sure everyone is on the same page and agrees with all relocation decisions. Once a team and a plan have been established, you can begin the process of moving all of your equipment.

Assign Responsibilities to Your Team

Once you’ve assembled your moving team, it’s time to give them specific roles and responsibilities. Make sure everyone knows what they’re doing to prevent equipment misplacement. For the physical element of moving your data center, you might want to consider hiring experienced professionals. It’s also a good idea to label everything clearly, including cords that connect with specific equipment. You should also organize a security team to keep track of all your relocated technology.

Set Key Dates From Start to Finish

Consider setting a date for every portion of your data center relocation. This can help you move the equipment in batches as opposed to completing the process all at once. Use this time to settle existing contracts and address any remaining tasks that haven’t been completed. Try to set a deadline for pre-deployment documentation, pre-server development, and transfer of in-house hardware and software.

Day of the Move

Like any move, data center relocation requires specific resources. Do you plan to hire professional movers? Will you need certain equipment such as forklifts, dollies, or flatbed carts? Are the elevators, doors, and stairwells wide enough to accommodate your hardware? Make sure you have packaging and unloading areas available at both locations. Identifying these areas of need will help you complete a successful move.

What Happens After a Successful Move?

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’ve officially accomplished a successful data center move! Now is the time to set up and test out your relocated equipment. What better way to complete this task than with Teksetra? We provide professional installation and de-installation services for companies that have recently relocated. Our team of experienced experts will safely and diligently reinstall servers, AV equipment, sound masking, and more!

Test the Configuration at the New Location

Once you’ve settled into your new location, it’s time to double-check your equipment and make sure everything is working properly. Testing is just one portion of the process – a lot can happen during a move, so it’s important to keep an eye out for damage. This is where your pre-relocation inventory can come in handy. Referring to your list of equipment can help you determine if anything was damaged or misplaced. Once you’ve configured all your moved and new equipment, you can continue business operations.

There’s a lot to think about before accomplishing a data center relocation. However, it’s possible to streamline the process with the right resources. Teksetra provides professional data center moving services including installation and project services. We also provide IT services for companies in need of further technical support. Contact us to help you with your upcoming data center move!

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