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On-Site IT Services vs. Remote IT Support

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April 16, 2021

IT (information technology) is crucial for businesses in all industries, as it is the hub for all digital business functions. Properly managing your IT infrastructure is essential for your company’s efficiency and security, but it’s also essential to keep costs under control.

Many organizations outsource their IT support, especially for complicated projects.

On-site IT service and remote IT support are the two types of IT services organizations can choose from when outsourcing IT. While each has its benefits and drawbacks, remote IT support is one of the best ways to reduce operational costs.

Today, we’ll dive into on-site vs. off-site IT support and how to choose the best option for your organization.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is when you outsource your IT services to a provider. The provider takes care of all IT functions related to your organization. This support is incredibly convenient and typically includes phone, live chat, and video support. The IT provider will connect to your network to help troubleshoot problems, which may require remote connection software.

For remote IT support, you connect with your provider online or over the phone. The provider provides the necessary services, including maintenance and repairs via remote access software.

Benefits of Remote IT Support

  • Access to experts. External IT providers already come with the knowledge and skill to perform IT services, so there is no need for you to train them. You get access to IT experts when you need them.
  • Convenience. Off-site technicians resolve your IT problems without having to travel to you. This allows them to solve many issues in a fraction of the time.
  • Efficiency. Most remote IT providers have several team members. This ensures that you get timely support, as team members may pass on your problem to another with better knowledge of the issue.
  • Timely service. Many remote providers offer 24×7 support no matter where you are in the world. Being able to reach remote IT support after normal business hours can limit downtime and resolve issues fast.

Remote IT Consideration

The one caveat of remote IT support is that it can not address hardware failure. Remote teams cannot address hardware issues. Your remote IT team will first try to address the issue with all of the resources they can, but if you ultimately need a hardware repair, someone must do it on-site. Fortunately, this is rarely the case, and most issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently via remote support.

Furthermore, remote IT specialists are considered contractors rather than employees. This means that you only pay the remote IT provider for the specific job; you do not need to pay any benefits.

On-Site IT Support

On-site support is when your IT services are provided at your business location. This option is best when off-site support is unavailable because on-site IT support can be costly. The primary benefit is that on-site support can address hardware issues. Typically, on-site support will take longer and be more expensive than remote support.

Benefits of On-site IT Support

  • Flexibility. You can choose for which services you would like assistance. Many organizations use on-site IT services to assist with specific projects, like setting up a new office location. This way, the IT support team will help for a set amount of time or a specific project. However, you may also opt for recurring on-site support for recurring services.
  • Minimize downtime. On-site IT services can help your team quickly resolve outages and issues. The provider can dispatch several technicians to different locations to help you solve IT issues at several locations at once.
  • Improve technical processes. On-site IT support will also help your team streamline technical processes with a standardized approach. This will boost productivity and help reduce the strain on your IT team.

Consideration of On-site IT Support

Despite its benefits, on-site support may not always be the most efficient option. Many situations can be fixed quicker by a remote IT team. The remote IT support provides you with instant access to several experts, and multiple technicians may not always come for on-site support. It can also be hard to reach on-site support outside of business hours.

Choosing Between On-site and Remote IT Support

Both remote and on-site IT support have their unique benefits. Ultimately, you can address many IT issues quicker and more efficiently with remote support. With remote IT support, you get fast, easy access to experts who can resolve your issue anytime from anywhere. On the other hand, there are some times when on-site IT support is necessary.

That is why you need comprehensive IT support that can provide both forms of support. Teksetra is here to help you with all of our IT needs. Our full-service IT team can handle your projects remotely or on-site based on the best solution for you. Learn more about our IT support services by contacting us today.


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