Panini EverneXt

Panini EverneXt

Item No. EN100.3A.SI.IJ.ID.PG, EN100.3A.SI.NJ.ID.PG

The Panini EverneXt high-speed document scanner delivers a top performance check processing platform built on an architecture that is API free, uses HTTPS protocol, and thus becomes independent from the end-user’s Operating System. This is the next decisive step in the evolution of Panini scanners designed to support branch transformation and advanced distributed capture. The Panini EverneXt scanner can digitize a wide range of deposit and payment documents including checks, stubs, and ID cards. It offers professional capture technology both in wired and wireless environments, enabling Branch of the Future use with roaming tellers sharing scanners in an open lobby setting.




With throughput speed of 100 documents per minute and its on-board intelligence, the EverneXt can digitize a range of deposit and payment related documents including checks, stubs, and ID cards, maximizing investment ROI while increasing utilization.

Panini EverneXt™ EN100.3A.SI.IJ.ID.PG: Ink Jet, Autofeeder with Vertical Alignment, ID card capability. 

Panini EverneXt™ EN100.3A.SI.NJ.ID.PG: Non-Ink Jet, Autofeeder with Vertical Alignment, ID card capability. 


  • Speed: 100 dpm
  • Scanned Image
    • Color: Yes
    • Bi-Tonal: No
    • B&W: No
    • Greyscale: Yes
  • Endorsement Printing
    • Rear Inkjet: Yes
    • Front Franking: No
  • Exit Pocket: 100 items plus single item exception pocket
  • Maximum Document Size (HxL): 4.17″ x 9.25″
  • Interface Port: Ethernet
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 8.40″ x 6.10″ x 8.90″
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Features and Options: MICR/OCR, ID Imager, Networked, Thin Client Compatible
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year

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