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The SmartSource Expert Elite scanner adds a standard Ethernet connection and onboard intelligence to the popular SmartSource Elite series platform. The built-in memory and processing power provide the flexibility to operate over a browser-based interface in nearly any computing environment or operating system. The Expert Elite includes the features that make the Elite series ideal for teller and remote deposit capture applications, including a small footprint, durable design, high-speed, and industry leading image capture of checks and other documents.



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Network scanners with built-in SecureLink by Digital Check® intelligence have an incredible advantage over USB scanners and network scanners that lack embedded processing. Unlike USB scanners, the Expert Elite is not tethered to a single computer. In addition, the Expert Elite is easily deployed in a virtual desktop environment. Onboard processing and image compression eliminate the issue of extreme amounts of data transferring over a network connection.

Scanner setup is greatly simplified by eliminating the need to install a Digital Check USB driver and API software on the workstation. Simply connect and identify the Expert Elite scanner on the network, and it is ready to go. The custom designed browser-based interface makes it possible for the Expert Elite to be controlled by devices using virtually any operating system, including traditional PCs as well as handheld devices and touchscreens.

The Expert Elite can also operate via Ethernet over RNDIS (Remote Network Driver Interface Specification), simulating an Ethernet interface over a standard USB connection. In addition, Digital Check offers the ReceiptNOW thermal printer, designed to fit underneath the Expert Elite scanner, minimizing the overall space requirements. The ReceiptNOW Elite printer can be configured with both Ethernet and USB connections as well.

Not ready to upgrade to network scanning? The Expert Elite is available in a dual USB/Ethernet model. It operates like a traditional USB scanner, and can be converted to a network-enabled mode with a one-time firmware upgrade.

The Expert Elite is part of Digital Check’s family of network-enabled or, Networkable™ scanners. Digital Check offers the widest selection of network-enabled check scanners in the industry, from affordable single-feed models to full-functioned, high-speed batch scanners.

In addition to having Ethernet connectivity, the Expert Elite scanner performs key functions including MICR processing and image compression onboard the scanner itself. Its additional processing power allows the scanner to do this before the data is transmitted to the PC or server, greatly reducing demands on network bandwidth. The Elite can maintain its full rated speed while doing this, assuming a sufficient-quality network connection. The Elite’s built-in processing incorporates double-document detection, MICR recognition, OCR recognition, combined MICR/OCR recognition, image cleanup, thresholding, cropping, and compression for both black-and-white and grayscale images.


  • Scanner Speed Options (DPM): 75/150 dpm
  • Scanned Image
    • Color: No
    • Bi-Tonal: Yes
    • B&W: No
    • Greyscale: Yes
  • Endorsement Printing
    • Rear Inkjet: Yes
    • Front Franking: No
  • Exit Pocket: 150 items
  • Maximum Document Size (HxL): 6.0″ x 9.25″
  • Interface Port: Ethernet
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 6.99″ x 5.39″ x 8.86″
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Features and Options: MICR/OCR, ID Imager, Networked, Thin Client Compatible, Optional Receipt Printer
  • Manufacturer‚Äôs Warranty:¬†1 Year

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