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What Are Field Services?

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July 20, 2022

Field services are services that are performed on-site. This primarily involves equipment installation and repairs. Instead of taking your product into a repair shop to be fixed, you can request a field technician to arrive and perform maintenance at your location. With more businesses phasing out old equipment for new technology, the demand for field services has grown. Here’s what to know about the field services industry today and who can benefit from these services.

Who Provides Field Services?

Field services are provided by field technicians and support staff. They are tasked with visiting sites, inspecting equipment, and either installing new equipment or repairing damaged items. Most field technicians work for third-party companies, but they may also be employed in-house and arrive on site when called. In addition to servicing equipment, they run diagnostics and give advice on how to maintain equipment over time.

Some technicians are also responsible for IT support. Teksetra offers a number of IT services and employs a team of qualified technicians to help businesses find the right expertise for their projects. We provide remote IT support, staffing and outsourcing, server relocations, hardware installations, training, and more.

How Different Industries Use Field Services

Today, there are many different types of companies that use field services. The following are some of the industries that benefit most from these services.

Quick-Serve Restaurants

As restaurants implement new technologies to better serve customers, they’re becoming increasingly reliant on field services for hardware installations and repairs. For example, many quick-serve restaurants are now using outdoor kiosks and ordering tools, expanding their drive-in and pickup options. Minimizing downtime in the food services industry is crucial, especially during peak hours. Restaurants don’t have time to uninstall their equipment and wait until the following day to take it into the repair shop, so they’re calling technicians to come fix things on the spot.


It’s no secret that retailers love their dynamic displays, but with the inclusion of technology comes the risk of malfunctions, which is why those in retail work closely with the field services industry to ensure their equipment functions smoothly throughout the day. Two of the main things that field technicians help retailers with is digital signage and POS devices. These are critical to the success of retail businesses and are thus prioritized for installation and repair. Field technicians are regularly called to retail locations to check up on this type of equipment and replace it when necessary.


Because banks utilize everything from ATMs to self-serve kiosks, they are dependent on field service work to get things up and running and ensure the longevity of the equipment they have invested so heavily in. Field technicians are called to banks to service equipment so that workflows and customer activities can resume. They also help with the installation of equipment. Field service technicians play a crucial role in helping banks get through the day and serve customers to the best of their abilities.

Types of Field Services

Field technicians offer three main types of services: installation, maintenance, and adoption. Businesses that are looking to implement new equipment can request that a field technician arrives on site for installation support. Technicians also perform maintenance on old equipment, troubleshoot, and service products that are experiencing issues. In addition, they help companies adopt new technology to improve their business processes.

Technology has become an integral part of the customer experience, and field technicians have their work cut out for them. They are not only responsible for installing equipment; they must be ready to deploy to sites at all times and resolve issues before they result in an even bigger mess for staff and customers alike.

Finding the Tech Support That’s Right For Your Business

No matter your industry, if your company relies on technology on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to have a trusted support team by your side to assist you, whether that means transporting equipment or having a technician dispatched to your location. Choosing the right technical support is vital to your success as an organization. It can mean the difference between prolonged periods of disruptive downtime and well-maintained, reliable equipment that’s up and running around the clock. This is particularly important for those that work in fast-paced environments in which customers expect instant service.

Teksetra offers repair and maintenance and installations, sending qualified technicians to your site so that you don’t have to worry about handling things on your own. Teksetra’s nationwide installation program can meet your needs, no matter where you’re located in the continental US. What’s more, Teksetra works to reduce downtime, responding to repair requests in as little as four hours.

Are you in need of a qualified technician? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how Teksetra can help with your tech-related concerns.

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