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OEM Warranty Repair vs. Teksetra Depot Repair Program

OEM Warranty Repair vs. Teksetra Depot Repair Program Infographic

Getting your devices repaired through your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty repair program can become a lengthy process, especially if you have more than one device. It can be tough to follow specific guidelines for each device, figure out who to contact when a device goes down, remember where to send each broken device, and keep track of when you will be back up and running.

Repairing your critical business devices doesn’t have to be that difficult. The infographic shows a side-by-side comparison of an OEM warranty repair process and Teksetra Advanced Unit Exchange (AUE) Depot Repair Program.

Simplify your equipment repair with a Depot Repair Program from Teksetra. Our expertly trained and manufacturer-authorized technicians can repair your devices from all the major manufacturers, whether they are in-warranty or out-of-warranty. And you can select from a variety of repair plans to meet your uptime requirements – as fast as the next business day. Learn more about our repair options.

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