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Are you frustrated by how hard it is to get your most critical business equipment repaired? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just make one call and a replacement arrived tomorrow?

We provide cost-effective, customizable depot repair and maintenance programs designed to keep your small devices like receipt printers, slip printers, payment and transaction equipment, check scanners, and other small devices working for your business – and fix them fast if they fail.

TRANSCRIPT: Are you frustrated by the cost and inconvenience of getting your most critical business equipment repaired? You know, like computers, printers, scanners, and all the other devices that keep your business running smoothly? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just make one call and a replacement arrived tomorrow?

At Teksetra, we understand that you made an investment in equipment to keep your business running and your customers happy. We can help you do that. For smaller devices, like those that can be easily shipped, Teksetra offers Depot Repair — the nation’s leading small device repair program. Our strategically located Depot Repair facilities ensure speedy, cost-effective shipping, and our technicians are manufacturer certified by the leading brands.

Here’s how it works. Start by choosing from one of 3 repair plans to fit your budget and your uptime requirements. With Normal Depot Repair, you send the defective device to us, we repair it within ten business days, and we ship it back to you — all ready to go.

Our Quick Turn Repair plan is similar, but when you send the defective device to us, we repair it within just 3 business days. Then it’s on its way back.

Advanced Unit Exchange works a little differently. With this plan, you notify us, and we ship you an identical brand and model replacement device for the next business day delivery. Then you place the defective device in the empty shipping box and return it to us. Now you’re back up and running, and it only took a single call.

If one of these plans isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, we can work with you to create a custom repair package like: a flat rate per repair plan, a time plus materials repair plan, or a customized contracted service plan. We’re confident that no one can beat our service. That’s because we have two strategically located depot repair centers in Minnesota and California, each designed to deliver the best service and expedite shipping. We also offer 24/7/365 access to our state-of-the-art call monitoring and tracking system, plus detailed service records on all repaired devices. And on top of that, our secure website allows you to open service calls, retrieve service call status and updates, and download service reports.

And get this, our service plans can help you save more than 50% off traditional on-site repair services, and we offer a 90-day, no-questions-asked guarantee on our work. Ready to learn more? Contact our Technology Specialists today at 888-287-4186, or reach out to us on the web at

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