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A Complete Guide to Small Device Repair Options

White Paper
thermal receipt printer at counter

One of the biggest drivers of profitability is the ability to control costs and even lower them on many internal services. One way of keeping costs down and remaining profitable is by using affordable repair solutions when small devices break down. It is not necessary to throw away or replace a device as a result of one breakdown.

Most businesses, regardless of industry, rely on certain small devices to perform key tasks. Here is a summary of a few key small devices that are prevalent in common industries:

  • Retail: receipt printers, pricing guns, tagging guns, tape dispensers, computers, printers, scanners.
  • Food: slip printers, receipt printers, tablets, pagers.
  • Finance: check scanners, EMV issuance machines, receipt printers, currency counters, document scanners, printers.

Small devices are used so often across every industry that it is easy to take them for granted — until one fails. When devices break down, having a timely and cost-effective repair plan in place becomes critical to avoiding costly downtime. With the small profit margins found in the food and retail industries, for instance, being able to repair small devices quickly and affordably is an important strategy for maximizing profitability.

In this white paper, we will examine the variety of ways small devices can be repaired, the pros and cons of each method, and the relative cost of each option.

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