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Improve Customer Experience with Panini ONBOARDC

Blog Post
August 9, 2022

By Robert Zielinski of Panini

The goal is simple. How can the bank acquire more Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) customers and get them successfully transacting while not burdening the already overwhelmed onboarding resources?

Panini has enhanced its Help Desk Services to intentionally focus on the RDC onboarding experience. Its onboarding team – ONBOARDC – augments a bank’s RDC customer onboarding strategy. By enlisting the ONBOARDC team a bank can focus on customer acquisition while relying on proven experts to fulfill new customer requests. ONBOARDC provides both self-service and guided assistance, by using best practices as a framework for customer interaction. Panini’s custom onboarding experience provides RDC customers around their busy schedules the ability to plan and prepare for setting up their RDC platform. No wait, no hassle, and no stress.

ONBOARDC is your partner for delivering RDC customers the best Customer Experience!

Our bank focuses on providing “white glove” treatment to our customers. How can we be sure customers will receive the same Customer Experience from ONBOARDC?

ONBOARDC focuses on Customer Experience. The entire onboarding journey – from initial communication which occurs immediately after program sign-up to the interactive onboarding session – is facilitated by a single individual committed to the customer’s success.

As soon as the customer is engaged by the bank, ONBOARDC provides both a Welcome Kit and an invitation to onboarding. From this first moment, the ONBOARDC team takes steps to ensure that the customer is engaged, equipped, and cared for.

Our brand is a promise of commitment, relationship, and community. How will our brand be represented by ONBOARDC?

ONBOARDC uses the bank’s branding in all aspects of communication – from the Welcome Kit materials to an online scheduling tool. Phones are even answered using the bank’s name as if the customer contacted the bank directly.

Just as important as the visual elements of a brand however are the service elements of a brand. Members of the ONBOARDC team spend time in the bank’s offices, working with the bank’s team, and conducting mock customer interactions to learn specifically how the bank communicates its brand through service.

Our check scanner fleet is a mixture of manufacturers and models. Does ONBOARDC really have expertise across all these products?

One might expect ONBORDC’s sole competency to be the Panini check scanners. And while ONBOARDC has more insight into the Panini models, ONBOARDC is brand agnostic and has a great deal of experience with a variety of models.

The ONBOARDC team is not providing technical troubleshooting. Rather, focus is given to set-up, financial institution software connectivity, and successfully performing the initial transaction. These skills exist within the ONBOARDC team and are reinforced by the bank’s preparation of ONBOARDC.

There are numerous Financial Institution software platforms in the market. How will the ONBOARDC team know enough to train customers about the one we use?

With over 15 years of help desk experience serving RDC customers, the ONBOARDC team has a high-level understanding of numerous Financial Institution software platforms. The team has helped with installation, validated driver operation, and integrated software platforms with bank systems.

Banks often customize out-of-the-box software platforms. Therefore, the ONBOARDC team invests time reviewing the design specification used to build the customizations, studies user guides and training materials provided to the bank, and is onboarded by the bank to ensure system-level knowledge. Foundation knowledge and in-depth study allows the ONBOARDC team to serve the installation and set-up needs required by RDC customers.

Our goal when onboarding is to help the customer quickly start transacting. Can the ONBOARDC team accomplish this goal?

We understand that RDC customers depend on making remote deposits. Their business relies on funds being available, and they elected to engage the bank’s RDC services to quickly and conveniently make such deposits.

The ONBOARDC team’s primary focus is to assist the user with successfully conducting a transaction. Rapid system setup and software platform connectivity are the means to that end. So, the end user may be asked to prepare for the onboarding session by completing prerequisite tasks, request the participation of others in system readiness, use a bank-branded scheduling tool to confirm the most convenient date and time for the onboarding session, and attend the onboarding session promptly. With this foundation, the end user will be ready to begin making transactions.

Our bank has a proven, quality process – from sending out the check scanner to training the customer. How will the ONBOARDC team augment us?

Whether the bank has years of experience serving the RDC market or is launching an RDC program for the first time, focusing on each step in the Customer Experience is fundamental to gaining and retaining customers. The ONBOARDC team, relying on best practices and years of experience, is built to augment the bank’s team at every step.

The ONBOARDC team has experience with hardware selection, fulfillment through eCommerce and direct shipment, device set-up, software connectivity, and even training of such bank services as wire transfers, ACH transactions, and standard bank communications.

If your goal is acquiring RDC customers and getting them successfully transacting while not burdening onboarding resources, then you need ONBOARDC! Built upon a legacy of help desk services and molded by Panini’s dedication to the end user, ONBOARDC delivers the best Customer Experience.

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