BOSE EdgeMax Tile Accessory

Item No. 843297-0210

The EdgeMax Tile accessory is a ceiling tile replacement for use with the EdgeMax EM90 and EM180 loudspeakers, eliminating the need to cut existing ceiling tiles. Simply remove the existing ceiling tile, and use the EdgeMax Tile accessory in its place along with the adjustable tile bridge supplied with the loudspeaker. The EdgeMax Tile is sized perfectly to accept the EM90 or EM180 loudspeaker, saving time and ensuring excellent aesthetics. There are two models available, one sized for a 24 × 24 inch ceiling grid and one sized for a 600 × 600 mm ceiling grid. The EdgeMax Tile accessory is white, sold in singles, is in compliance with UL 2043 for plenum-spaces, and is paintable.

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  • Colors
  • White


  • 843297-0210
  • 24 × 24 inch model
  • 843298-0210
  • 600 × 600 mm model

Product Brochures

BOSE EdgeMax Tile Installation Guide

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BOSE EdgeMax EM180 Painting Guide

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