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Equipment Leasing + Financing

Having the right equipment is critical to keeping your business moving forward, but finding room in your budget can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help.

Your business runs on technology, but replacing or upgrading equipment isn’t always a simple thing to do. Now, you can finance new equipment – offering you a more manageable monthly expense, rather than a complicated discussion about a capital expense. To help you get your equipment in a faster and more affordable way, Teksetra offers equipment financing and leasing with our trusted partner, Fidelity Bank.


Preserve Your Cash

Instead of tying up your working capital on equipment, allocate it to business expenses, expansion, and more! With up to 100 percent financing, you can get the equipment you need without a major initial cash layout.

Gain Flexibility

Choose a payment plan that fits your business and its unique cycles. With our flexible plans, your payments are locked in for the entire contract term, protecting them from inflation and simplifying your forecasting.

Increase Purchasing Power

Wondering which equipment will fit your needs? With short-term leases, you can test out equipment without the risk. When your contract expires, you can choose to purchase or trade in for a new solution.


Keep Up with Technology

Staying on top of the latest advances in technology is crucial for your business. With financing, you can acquire better, more innovative equipment that gives your business the competitive edge it needs.

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Our Approach

Teksetra + Fidelity Bank

The importance of having the right technology for your business can’t be understated. The trouble is, finding the right time to buy equipment outright can be tough. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fidelity Bank to offer equipment financing to valued customers like you. Now, you can pay for new equipment as you earn revenue, giving you the flexibility you need to achieve more.

Our simple program enables faster equipment acquisition for a wide range of assets, including computers, servers, software, hardware, and much more. With a collection of flexible plans, you can finance 100% of your equipment costs with the possibility to finance soft costs as well, such as installation, freight, and taxes. Together, our team and Fidelity Bank are helping small- to medium-sized businesses identify their business goals, discover the best solutions, and gain access to the best financing terms available.

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