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The Economics of Outsourcing: Meeting Demand in the Gig Economy

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Two factors in particular will determine the economics of IT outsourcing in the coming years. First, there is a supply of more independent or freelance workers in the rising gig economy. Second, businesses are experiencing a growing demand for disruptive technological advances.

When combined, these factors create an explosive IT outsourcing market and create remarkable opportunities for companies willing to embrace the advantages that IT staffing brings.

Any number of businesses, from financial institutions to retail stores, are working with the minimum number of employees needed to cover their core business. They often don’t have time to envision customer needs, much less design and implement strategies that improve the customer experience. Hiring a full, in-house IT team is cost-prohibitive, so these businesses must either lag in technology or turn to IT outsourcing.

In fact, 58 percent of mid-market companies say they use outsourcing to access the skills and experience that are not available within their current workforce. Will your business join them? Download the white paper to learn more.

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