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Teksetra IT Outsourcing for Royal Banks of Missouri

Business Impact Study

In 2002, Teksetra began helping Royal Banks with on-demand projects, such as WAN design improvements and a large server migration.

When Microsoft announced the end of life for Microsoft Server 2003, Teksetra communicated and took action quickly, which gave Royal Banks ample time to plan the replacement of multiple servers. Teksetra’s quality of service and partnership made the replacement of Microsoft Server 2003 to 2012 a seamless transition, without causing disruption in service for the bank.

Technology changes quickly, with advancements, upgrades, and the resulting end-of-life issues, so ongoing network updates are required to maintain the bank’s financial operation. Royal required more assistance and manpower to stay ahead of technology and complete IT projects so, in 2004, Royal Banks elected to outsource all of their IT needs to Teksetra

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