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Corporate E-waste Recycling White Paper

White Paper

What to do with unused electronic devices has been a growing problem in the U.S. and globally for decades. For a household, a smoke detector with a faulty battery or a dead cellphone is a nuisance. In corporate offices with phones on every desk and workstations upgrading yearly, it can become a nightmare that’s easy to ignore – until it’s not.

So what is electronic waste? E-waste includes electronic products like outdated laptops, old phones, fax machines, dead mice, miles of cords, and lonely monitors that are nearing (or past) the end of their “useful life.” This old tech creates problems of space and storage, data security, and environmental harm. However, a growing number of specialized recycling companies have become certified in the proper disposal of this equipment, providing a much-needed service across all industries.

Download our white paper to learn more about e-waste recycling and the importance of developing a sustainable technology recycling plan for your business.

Download the White Paper

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