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Add E-Waste Recycling to your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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April 18, 2023

The spring is an excellent time to get some deep cleaning done and refresh for the upcoming summer.

While spring cleaning can help your home feel better, it’s also important for your business. For your company, it should include more than dusting down your office.

Business spring cleaning is also about clearing out the clutter and organizing your technology. One of the most important things to add to your spring cleaning checklist this year is e-waste recycling.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is E-Waste?

Do you know that computer from 5 years ago that’s collecting dust in the corner? Perhaps the keyboards missing buttons that are shoved in the back closet?

All of the technology hardware that you no longer need or use is e-waste.

Essentially, e-waste describes electronic items that are no longer useful. This can include items that are physically broken and faulty, but it can also include things that are outdated or no longer useful to your business.

Sometimes, these items are not useful to anyone, but other times they may work for another person or business. Regardless, the key factor is that the technology items are no longer beneficial for your business.

Here are some examples of common e-waste items:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Screens
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Copy or fax machines
  • Cords and cables
  • Keyboards
  • Mice

What to Do with E-Waste

Dealing with e-waste can be a pain, but it’s important for the organization and security of your business. All businesses should have an information technology asset disposition or ITAD plan. This plan should outline what you will do with decommissioned technology equipment.

When it comes to dealing with your e-waste, there are a few options. Here are some ways you can handle e-waste:

  • Flat Rate Lockbox or bin, which is ideal for one-time options. The company drops off the lockbox and picks it up once full.
  • Pallets. If you have a lot of items, then consider using pallets. However, they are not secure, so they are best for devices that do not contain data.
  • Custom solutions. When you work with an ITAD partner, then you will get a personalized solution for your e-waste needs.

The Importance of E-Waste Recycling

There are some key reasons why your organization should engage in e-waste recycling. If you want to learn more about it, check out this helpful video, E-Waste Recycling for Your Business.

As a brief review of the most important reasons:

  • Environmental impact: E-waste is damaging to the environment, especially when it’s not properly disposed of. Recycling is better for the environment, and it can help create new equipment more sustainably.
  • Legal requirements: Due to the serious environmental impact of e-waste, there are now many regulations and requirements for dealing with it. Failing to adhere to these laws could lead to serious fines and damage your business reputation.
  • Data protection: Many tech devices also contain important data. Not dealing with these devices properly can expose your data and increase the risk that it ends up in the wrong hands. Proper e-waste recycling helps protect your sensitive data.

Find the Right ITAD Partner

While e-waste recycling is very important, it can also take away time and energy from your business. The best solution is to work with a trusted ITAD partner for all of your e-waste recycling needs.

This way, you can get a custom solution for your business. Oftentimes, it includes the partner bringing secure containers to your location and picking them up for a fee. From there, the partner will handle the rest of the recycling.

However, because e-waste recycling is both so critical and so complex, you need a partner you can count on.

Here’s what to look for in an ITAD partner:

  • Certified E-Steward
  • Comprehensive data sanitization that protects your data.
  • Reuse of devices when possible.
  • Sustainable recycling practices.

Teksetra is Here to Help

Now is the time to add e-waste recycling to your spring cleaning checklist. It will help clear out your business space, safeguard your sensitive data, and help the environment.

For ITAD services that you can count on, Teksetra is here to help. We will help you fulfill your sustainable initiatives while also keeping your office space clutter-free and organized.

Our ITAD plans are simple and dependable. We focus on sustainable solutions that also secure your data. We leverage the best sensitization processes to protect your sensitive data during the e-waste recycling process.

Learn more about our e-waste recycling services and how we can help your business today. Contact one of our technology specialists to get started!

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