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ITAD + E-Waste Management

With an information technology asset disposition (ITAD) partner on your side, your assets are properly cleansed, processed, and recycled or remarketed.

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If your business doesn’t have an e-waste management plan in place, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Many companies don’t have sustainable technology recycling solutions. That’s why Teksetra offers ITAD, a simple e-waste management solution designed to help dispose of your unused, unwanted, or end of life technology. ITAD can help you fulfill your green initiatives, get rid of old equipment that is occupying valuable space, and maybe even reduce your carbon footprint.



Choose the perfect ITAD support plan for your business. With a collection of flexible services and a fast 45-day turnaround, you can build your own program à la carte or select an all-inclusive program.


ITAD is a simple, effective way to help your business reduce its carbon footprint. E-waste can be reused, refurbished, or recycled, and our programs help ensure your technology avoids the landfill if possible.


Our experts are certified in the management of data-bearing devices. All assets are managed with an audited chain of command processes, cleansed using a certified sanitization process, and tracked with total visibility to all asset and disposition reports.


Teksetra is your one-stop shop for ITAD. We can dispose of a wide range of assets, including computers, laptops, servers, multi-function printers, storage devices, scanners, monitors, and much more.

Our Process

Getting started with ITAD is simple. First, choose the program that best fits your business’s needs. After that, we’ll help you collect your assets, arrange for pickup, and take inventory. Then, we’ll cleanse your devices before destroying, recycling, or remarketing them. Once we’re done, we’ll provide reporting and conduct billing. It’s that simple.


Your business’s data security has never been more important. To prevent security breaches, it’s critical that your business has a plan in place to properly sanitize any outgoing IT assets. At Teksetra, we offer a collection of data sanitization services designed to meet the unique needs of your business, including data erasure, physical destruction, and degaussing. All assets are properly cleansed following a certified sanitization process, ensuring total security.


Technology assets are serious investments. When the time comes to dispose of unneeded or unwanted technology, you deserve a partner who’s committed to helping you get back as much money as possible. Through remarketing, Teksetra will leverage a global network of buyers to find the most value possible for your equipment.


E-waste, such as broken, no longer needed, or end-of-life computers, monitors, mobile devices, and more, continues to have a devastating effect on our environment. Through proper recycling, these effects can be minimized, reducing further harm to both our planet and its people. With our certified processes, Teksetra helps ensure that all technology is recycled in safe, environmentally conscious ways without exportation.

Management Options

Choose the e-waste management option that fits your needs and your budget.

  • Flat Rate: Lockbox — For simple ITAD needs, our large, secure lockbox system is a perfect option. With a flat rate, one price covers the contents of the lockbox, delivery, and pickup. Lockboxes can be delivered to you in as little as five days.
  • Flat Rate: Bin — With our secure and locked bin system, one price covers all bin contents, delivery, and pickup. Bins are ideal for a smaller quantity of data-bearing devices, or for an ongoing bin rotation and systematic delivery and pick-up plans, and bins can be delivered in as little as five days.
  • Palletized — With palletized ITAD, we offer weight- and freight-based pricing to simplify your e-waste management. Our palletized option only applies to non-data-bearing devices.
  • Custom Plans — Need more flexibility? Create a custom plan, with à la carte pricing or per-pound pricing.

What can be recycled?

  • Desktop computers/CPUs
  • Laptops, screens, and monitors
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Tablets
  • Storage devices
  • Telecom equipment
  • Landline phones
  • Scanners
  • Mobile devices
  • Small electronics
  • Copy/fax machines
  • Multifunction printers
  • Cords and cables
  • Medical carts
  • Keyboards and mice


What can’t be recycled?

  • Electronic equipment with bodily fluid management
  • Appliances like refrigerators or microwaves
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