SecureLink External – Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Item No. 170000-07

External module which allows allows a CX30, TS240 or TS500 scanner to connect to a network and can be controlled by network devices. Browser based and OS independent. Ethernet and Wi-Fi enabled. Requires proper API certification.


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  • Uses SecureLink 2.0 network API
  • Compatible models – SecureLink External Device: TellerScan TS500, TellerScan TS240, CheXpress CX30
  • (Some other scanners can use the SecureLink API without the external device – click here for more information)
  • Can be used with new scanners as well as existing devices already installed
  • Runs scanner independently of host operating system
  • Ideal for virtual branch environments including Citrix and VMWare
  • Onboard processing and image compression
  • Control with a PC, tablet, or smartphone via wired or secure WiFi connection

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