Panini Vision E Non-Inkjet


The Panini Vision E is an intelligent RDC check scanner built on the foundation of the world’s best selling check scanner, the Panini Vision X®, to respond to the industry’s demand for an affordable, API-free and driverless batch check scanner for remote deposit capture (RDC).


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  • Panini Vision E 50dpm, 50 Doc Feeder, No Ink Jet. USB RNDIS Mode
  •  API-Free, HTTPS-Protocol Driven, no API or driver installation required
  • Operating System Agnostic
  • Wired (Ethernet, LAN) or Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection Options
  • Compatible with a variety of host devices
  • Professional check handling, superior MICR reading and image capture


  • Ergonomic and user-friendly document feeder:
    • Single feed “1F” version (upgradable to SF batch feed)
    • Batch feed “SF” version – 50-document feeder capacity, throughput up to 50 documents per minute (dpm), throughput based on 6” check specification.
  • Ultrasonic double feed detection for superior reliability against real & false double feeds.
  • Advanced MICRPlus® magnetic reading including OCR correction for optimal MICR read accuracy.
  • Grayscale duplex scanning in multiple resolution settings (100, 200, or 300 dpi), for maximum imaging flexibility.
  • Optional 1-line rear ink jet printer.
  • USB 2.0 RNDIS (TCP/IP over USB) default connectivity; LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi available (both requiring an optional USB dongle).
  • Compatible with Windows PC, Linux, Mac, smartphone, tablet, POS terminal or any other host device capable of sending HTTPS commands.
  • Security: SSL (https) applied to all types of communications between scanner and host: Wi-Fi, USB and LAN. WPA2 encryption additionally applied to Wi-Fi communications. Images and MICR deleted from the scanner at the end of the transaction. Multilayer authorization on scanner use modes (Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.).

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Panini Vision E

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