Olivetti PR4 SLU Passbook Printer with USB Interface

Item No. B5604290

The Olivetti PR4 Plus multifunction passbook printer prints on single-sheet and multiple-copy documents and passbooks. It features an innovative CPU and the new 2295 Hz print head for outstanding productivity on texts and graphics alike at up to 291 pages per hour - more than any other model in its product class. The Olivetti PR4 PLUS handles a full range of bank teller forms, recognizes passbook magnetic stripes, reads CMC7 and E13B codes and provides (as MB-2 model) simultaneous dual-side scanning for documents with widths of up to 210 mm.


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The PR4 SR is a two station dot matrix printer that can handle individual forms (slips) and a single paper roll.
In comparison to the PR2, the PR4 is intended for applications where the journal is not needed. The printer can also mount an optional MICR reader.

Two stations impact dot matrix printer for receipt and transaction slips

  • Flexible paper management
  • Wide range of options
  • Excellent productivity


  • Print technology: dot matrix, 9 pins (5+4)
  • Spacing (cpi): 12, 15, 17.1
  • Speed: 250/357 cps
  • Characters per line (at 12 cpi)
    • Receipt: 66
    • Front or top insertion: 66
  • Print line length
    • Receipt or journal: 5.5″”
    • Front or top insertion: 5.5″”
  • Paper management: manual cutter autoloading
  • Form management (slip station)
    • Front document alignment: automatic
    • Slip introduction: from front/top
    • Check introduction: from front/top
    • Number of copies: 1+4
  • Number of rolls: 1
  • Roll diameter: 85 mm
  • Roll width: 76, 83, 115, 140 mm
  • Power
    • power supply
    • internal full range 110/240V)
      external (24V)
    • Absorption 70 W max
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 250 mm
    • Depth: 253 mm
    • Height: 185 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg
  • Printer driver
    • Windows 95/98/W2K/NT 4.0
  • Options
    • MICR reader (Factory option)
    • customer display
    • slip paper support

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