KIC Team Digital Check 25/Box Cleaning Card K2-CIB25 – TS240

Item No. K2-CIB25

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Cleaning Cards for check scanners clean performance-critical surfaces, such as recessed optical sensors, inside check scanner devices. The cleaning cards improve scanned image quality and reading accuracy and also significantly reduce misfeeds and frustrating manual data entries. The cleaning card is constructed of premium material that releases cleaning solution on contact while simultaneously capturing and removing contaminants.

  • 99.7% Ultra-Pure Electronic Isopropyl Alcohol – formulated to dissolve and lift away dirt, residue, grime, adhesive, and other contaminants from internal electronic surfaces with quick-drying properties.
  • Premium Material – Allows cleaning cards to quickly release solution while simultaneously encapsulating loosened dirt, debris, and other contaminants for successful removal.
  • Quick & Easy Preventative Maintenance – Perform consistent and proper cleanings in seconds without having to dismantle the device or disrupt daily business.
  • VOC & GHS Compliant – Suitable for use on electronic equipment and compliant with local and state regulations.
  • Individual, Single-Use Packaging – Guarantees consistent quality, 100% solution retention, and simple transport/storage for convenient access when needed.


Use this product once per week or after 2,000 checks scanned. Flat cards.

WEIGHT 1 lbs
DIMENSIONS 10 × 2 × 6 in
PRODUCT TYPE Cleaning Cards

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