Digital Check TellerScan TS240-50NJ

Item No. 153000-71

The TellerScan TS240 teller capture scanner represents a legacy of proven performance and reliability. This versatile bank document scanner is ideal for a range of applications including capture at the teller window, remote deposit capture and branch back counter environments. This secure, fast and flexible document scanner offers both both inkjet and thermal receipt printing options, ultraviolet image capture and high-quality document scanning camera and MCIR read-head components.


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As Digital Check’s fourth generation auto-feed scanner, the TellerScan TS240 represents a legacy of proven performance and reliability. Ideal for a range of applications including capture at the teller window, remote deposit capture and branch back counter environments. The versatile TS240 is powerful enough to handle large stacks of documents and affordable enough for small businesses.

Regardless of the scanning environment, the TS240 has the speed to meet your processing time requirements. 50, 75, 100, and 150 DPM speed configurations are available.

A single line inkjet printer for rear endorsement and a separate thermal receipt printer module are available. The thermal receipt printer fits neatly under the base scanner unit to provide optimal desktop space savings.

Need to run your scanner in a network environment? Don’t buy a new scanner, you can network-enable your scanner with SecureLink by Digital Check. This tiny system-in-a-box can actually operate your scanner in place of a desktop PC, so you just connect your own device and control the scanner using an ordinary web browser. That means SecureLink is virtually operating-system agnostic, and has been tested to work with many Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

For markets utilizing the latest in UV document security protection, the TS240 is easily configured to handle ultraviolet image capture. UV printed security backgrounds and other fraud prevention features are captured for verification without any performance impact. The TS240-UV is compatible with UV standards worldwide.

The TS240 features the highest image quality camera and MICR read-head components available. Combine that with our special document handling technologies, even the most challenging money orders and checks written with gel pen ink are a snap to process.


  • Models: 153000-71
  • Speed Option(s): 50 dpm
  • Scanned Image:
    • Color: yes
    • Bi-Tonal: no
    • B&W: no
    • Grayscale: yes
  • Endorsement Printing:
    • Rear Inkjet: yes
    • Front Franking: yes
  • Input Pocket: 100 Items
  • Exit Pocket: 100 Items
  • Maximum Document Size (H x L): 4.13″ x 8.98″
  • USB Standard Interface: yes
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 7.5″ x 5.1″ x 11.1″
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs.
  • Features and Options:
    • MICR/OCR: yes
    • ID Imager: no
    • Optional MSR Reader: no
    • Full Page/Tall Document Scanning: no
    • Scalable to Batch Feed: no
    • Thin Client Compatible: no
    • Optional Receipt Printer: yes
  • Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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