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What is a Passbook Printer?

Blog Post
February 8, 2022

Passbook printers have become less common in the United States in recent years but still play an essential role for underbanked communities.

But what is a passbook, what is a passbook printer, and how can a passbook printer be helpful to banks and other financial institutions?

Let’s dive in and find out!

What is a Passbook?

A passbook is a paper book used to record bank transactions on a deposit account. First appearing on the scene in the 18th century, passbooks allowed customers to manage their transaction data better, providing them with a booklet in which they could constantly update their financial information.

Until the invention of passbooks, customers had to consult with their banks to receive transaction data and had little control over their deposit and withdrawal data.

What is a Passbook Printer?

A passbook printer automates the deposit and withdrawal processes and gives users more independence in their bank transactions.

There are different types of passbook printers, including the dot matrix printer, which uses a fixed number of pins and wires to create dox matrix images. Dot-matrix impact technology remains in use in some passbook printing processes today.

Passbook printers can help you print documents faster than you could with a regular printer. Furthermore, they include a unique barcode or magnetic strip with the identification details of the passbook, which acts as a point of truth between the user and the bank. Banks can use passbook printers to improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.

What Brands of Passbook Printers are There?

There are several different brands of passbook printers. Craden has offered document and passbook printers for over 30 years. They service and update pre-owned devices, but their passbook printer models are no longer serviceable. Wincor is another brand whose printers are no longer serviceable. Popular models include the HPR 4915+ 0001 and Highprint 4915B-0001.

Here are two of the top passbook printer brands today:


Olivetti is an Italian manufacturer of electronic devices. The Olivetti range of passbook printers includes the MB-2 and PR2. Teksetra suggests the Olivetti PR2 model, which prints on single-sheet and multiple-copy documents and passbooks. This model features an innovative CPU and can print at up to 291 pages per hour.

The PR2+ model boasts the highest reliability on the market and the most proven banking family, with more than 1,000,000 printers installed to date. It offers the best transaction times, the lowest total cost of ownership and can seamlessly integrate into existing applications. It yields high-quality printouts, is user-friendly, and saves space thanks to device integration capabilities.


Epson is well-known for its printing and scanning devices, and they offer passbook printers as well, such as this PLQ-20 model. This model has a print speed of up to 480 cps, a paper size of 65 x 67 mm to 245 x 297 mm.

The PLQ-20 model is USB compatible and handles passbooks up to 2.6 mm thick. It has an easy system integration, automatic forms alignment, automatic print gap adjustment, optional wireless and wired network interfaces, and an optional space-saving kit.

Teksetra also offers a product brochure that provides additional information on the Epson PLQ-20 model. This printer is compact, reliable, and features the speed and quality banks require for fast throughput.

What’s more, the PLQ-20 is easy to integrate and set up, and it can integrate into your current system no matter what your IT environment. It has standard parallel, serial, and USB interfaces and can be connected via USB to wired and wireless networks.

Teksetra is Here to Help!

Passbook printers are a great tool to have if you regularly print passbooks. Banks and other financial institutions can benefit from having a passbook printer, standalone or kiosk, on-site, enabling customers to print their own books and manage their finances more conveniently.

Teksetra offers end-to-end technology services for several industries, including corporate, education, and finance. With Teksetra’s nationwide outsourcing program, users can access IT support, repair and maintenance plans, and more—all from one trusted partner. In addition, Teksetra offers a range of best-selling tech products. With Teksetra’s vendor-neutral approach to hardware, you can instantly access the brands and products you need to improve your business operations.

Whether you’re looking for desktop printers, multi-function printers, or passbook printers, Teksetra has you covered. Reach out to us today or visit our website to learn more about our passbook printers!

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