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How to Use Cleaning Cards for Your Check Scanner

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March 23, 2021

To keep your check scanner up, running, and in great condition, you must clean it regularly. Cleaning is a simple form of preventive maintenance that can save you from more serious issues and keep your check scanner in better condition for longer. While you will need to both clean and disinfect your check scanner, cleaning has to happen before disinfection.

One of the simplest, most effective ways to clean your check scanner is with cleaning cards. Today, we’ll explain what cleaning cards are and how to use them for your check scanner.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Check Scanner

Dirty check scanners are more likely to run into avoidable problems. Lack of frequent cleaning can lead to system failure, which will result in downtime. This preventable downtime is very frustrating to customers and could harm your reputation. You would also have to spend more time and money to get the scanner back up and running. Frequent check scanner cleanings can prevent system failures and keep your scanner in better condition for longer.

What is a Cleaning Card?

Cleaning cards are specially designed for check scanners. They are thin cards saturated with a safe cleaning solution. When you slide the card into the check scanner, it breaks down dirt and debris. These cars are safe to use on electrical components.

There are both flat and waffle cleaning cards. Waffle cards are more effective, as they can get into more crevices in the check scanner.

How to Use Cleaning Cards

Fortunately, cleaning cards are fairly simple and straightforward to use. However, you should not use your regular scanning software for the cleaning card. Doing this may confuse the scanner, causing it to identify the cleaning card as a jammed document. Instead, you should select the “Clean” button on your launch window. Then insert the cleaning card, holding it in place to scrub the feed rollers.

When using cleaning cards:

  • Only use the card to clean one scanner.
  • Never re-wet a cleaning card for reuse.
  • Use the card immediately after opening.

Avoid the Biggest Cleaning Card Mistake

One common complaint is that cleaning cards don’t seem to work. Many times, this is due to one key misstep in the process. For cleaning cards to be effective, they must be wet with their cleaning solution. The lifetime for most cleaning cards is only two minutes once opened, as the cleaning alcohol will evaporate after that.

The entire cleaning process using a card will take 60 to 90 seconds, so the cards must be used immediately after opening. Rather than opening the cleaning card package and leaving it out while you set up the machine, wait until you are ready to insert the card. This simple change can make a world of difference when using cleaning cards!

How Often to Use Cleaning Cards

Another common question is “how often do I need to use cleaning cards for my check scanner?” While many sources will make recommendations based on time, like once per week, the truth is that it depends on the scanner usage.

You should use cleaning cards for approximately every 5,000 to 8,000 scans. On average, this leads to a recommendation of at least once per week, but you must assess your scanner usage. Lightly used scanners may need less frequent cleanings but those with high usage will require cleaning every week or so. Scanners used for bath captures may demand even more frequent cleanings, maybe every few days.

Monitor your check scanner use. Based on the frequency of scans, set a cleaning schedule, and adjust it if your usage drastically fluctuates.

Next Steps

Cleaning cards are a fast and easy solution for keeping your check scanner dirt and debris-free. With the help of cleaning cards and regular cleanings, you can avoid system failures and extend the life of your check scanner.

The next step is to outline your device cleaning policy. To do so, consult the guidelines from the equipment manufacturer. Make sure you know how to prepare your device for cleaning cards. Obtain the appropriate cleaning cards for your machine, making sure to have a sufficient supply on hand. Assess your device usage and determine how often you should be cleaning with cleaning cards.

For more help with check scanner cleanings, our team of experts is here to help. We can answer your questions about check scanner cleaning and offer additional advice for your devices. Ask the experts at Teksetra about cleaning your device today by contacting us.

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