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How to Pick the Best Telecom Expense Management For Your Business

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April 19, 2022

Telecom expense management is crucial to maintaining your telecommunications assets and ensuring cost-efficiency. However, it can be difficult trying to choose the right management solution. This is what to consider when selecting a TEM partner for your business.

Level of Support Offered

One of the first things you should think about in terms of technology management is support. What kind of support will you need to carry out your day-to-day operations? Some TEM providers work directly with clients, even after the initial installation process, while others can be reached on an as-needed basis. You may choose to work with a partner that’s more or less involved, depending on the extent of your needs, so it’s important to assess your TEM process as a whole to determine what you can manage on your own and which elements might require a more robust support system.

You should also think about location. Is your TEM provider located nearby, or will you be working with them remotely? Many companies are capable of managing their telecom expenses without much hand-holding, but if this isn’t you, it may be best to consider partnering with someone closer to home.

TEM Provider Types

There are three main types of TEM providers: software-only providers, those that provide both software and services, and providers that fully manage the process. Here’s a quick rundown of each type.

  • Software-Only: Software-only providers sell software, but are otherwise uninvolved in TEM. This is a great option for businesses with the internal knowledge to manage their telecom expenses without a lot of outside help, but it can be a risky investment for companies that lack the resources necessary to handle the process on their own.
  • Software + Services: Some providers offer a hybrid model in which clients receive the best of both worlds. It is a sort of middle ground between the software-only and fully-managed options. Users primarily manage the software independently but aren’t completely left to their own devices. They can still access support when needed.
  • Fully-Managed Outsourcing: If the thought of having to manage any aspect of your TEM process is cause for panic, then you may be best served by outsourcing a TEM provider. Under this model, providers do all of the work for you.

Your Current (and Future) Telecom Expenses

When picking a provider, it’s important to think about your budget and what your expenses will entail down the road. For instance, if you manage a TEM process with little room for flexibility, then you might be able to get away with only looking at the current state of your finances. On the other hand, if you anticipate greater telecom needs in the future, it’s critical that you factor those expenses into your search.

Just because your TEM process is relatively straightforward now doesn’t mean that it will always be so easy to manage; just because a software-only model seems like the perfect fit for your current needs doesn’t mean that won’t require more extensive help later on. This is why you should generate a detailed roadmap outlining your current TEM needs and what, if anything, is likely to change in the near future.

Inventory Practices

Your TEM provider should offer a sound inventory management program that includes timely audits and exercises for optimization. It’s important to maintain an accurate inventory detailing customer service records and other critical documentation. It’s best to partner with someone that regularly updates inventory to ensure that the most relevant items and info are maintained and passed along.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Partner?

As anyone who deals with telecom knows, TEM management is essential to making the most out of your assets and saving money. By finding the most cost-effective solutions to your telecommunications needs, you can enjoy greater business success and cut unnecessary expenses from your budget.

But finding the right TEM provider is easier said than done, and there’s so much to consider when shopping around for the perfect solution for your business. Teksetra partners with leading TEM providers to offer technology management services that can help prepare your business for better telecom management, whether you work in corporate, education, finance, or otherwise.

Teksetra’s alliance partner Advantix offers TEM solutions to help businesses stay on top of their telecom-related expenses, including fixed TEM, managed mobility, and wireless connectivity capabilities. Advantix SmartSim helps keep devices connected, streamlining ordering and procurement. Advantix collects the necessary information to build and validate your telecommunications inventory and regularly audits your items to spot billing errors and recover whatever funds you are owed. The platform optimizes your TEM process and confirms that you are being billed according to the proper rules and regulations.

Get in touch with Teksetra to learn more about our tech services and how we can help meet your TEM needs!

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