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Guide For Telecom Expense Management Services

Blog Post
April 5, 2022

Telecom expense management, or TEM, is the process of determining your finances concerning your telecommunications services. This can help businesses optimize costs and source and procure the right materials for future endeavors. The process involves wired and mobile services and is designed to help companies manage their telecom expenses more efficiently. In some cases, you may find that you require the help of a telecom service provider.

Do You Need a TEM Solution?

There are many ways to determine whether or not you need a TEM solution. No two situations are alike, and understanding your business’s specific challenges can help you make an informed decision. Here are a few questions to consider when thinking about implementing TEM software.

  • How well have you been able to manage your TEM software thus far?
  • What pain points, if any, have you identified regarding your telecommunications needs?
  • What does your budget look like? Do you find that you’re overspending on management?
  • Do you find it challenging to keep your teams aligned on shared TEM goals, and how is this affecting your ability to get what you need when you need it?
  • Is one team or person managing the lion’s share of the TEM process?

Your answers to these questions can be an excellent way to determine your TEM needs and whether partnering with a TEM provider is the right option for your business. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong answer, no set threshold for what constitutes a need and what doesn’t. You will have to consider all factors and weigh all aspects of your business operations to decide if you can handle your TEM process on your own or if you would benefit from a telecom expense management service.

Finding the Right TEM Service

If you decide to partner with a TEM service, there are several items you should consider before jumping in and getting started. The following are the most critical factors when selecting a TEM service.

1. Price

First, you should determine your budget. How much can you realistically spend on a TEM solution? However, you shouldn’t just look at the upfront costs; you should also consider the ROI and how much you might be able to save over time by streamlining and simplifying the way you manage your telecom expenses. Just because you pay a high sticker price doesn’t mean the solution won’t pay for itself in the long run, so it’s essential to view your investment from a big-picture perspective.

2. Expected Performance

As with most things, some TEM solutions are better than others. Some are better suited to handling small workloads, while others are capable of dealing with the most complex processes of large enterprises. Look for a solution that will be most compatible with your workload and can integrate well with your existing systems and software. Ideally, your TEM solution should connect with other tools to offer the most precise results.

3. Scalability

While it’s important to choose a solution that’s compatible with your business operations, you should also think about how the solution will be able to serve your needs over the longer term. Can the solution adapt as you do, providing additional resources as your telecom needs evolve and scaling down when necessary? What enterprise mobility options do they offer? Flexibility can also determine price, which is another good reason to look for something that will allow you to use what you need when you need it and avoid overspending on all the bells and whistles.

4. Support and Maintenance

Installing the software is only half the battle—you also need to think about how you will manage that software over time. Does your provider offer a robust support network? How easily could you get a hold of them in an emergency? Do they perform regular maintenance on the system to keep things working properly? You don’t want to invest in a solution that will leave you to your own devices once installed. Your TEM service provider should offer ongoing support and maintenance to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Need Help Getting Started?

There’s a lot that goes into telecom expense management, and part of the process is getting your IT department in order. Figuring out your tech expenses and determining who should manage them is the first step in building a better TEM plan and finding the right solution for your business.

Teksetra partners with leaders in telecom expense management to help businesses save money and get the support they need. Reach out today to learn more about how Teksetra can help you manage your IT to be better positioned to implement a TEM solution that’s right for your business!

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