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Advanced Unit Exchange (AUE) for Bremer Bank

Business Impact Study

Teksetra and Bremer Financial Corporation originally began with a standard on-site repair service agreement for the timely repair of Bremer’s MICR check printers and other hardware located in branches across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Bremer only stocks one MICR printer at each branch, making uptime a priority to ensure efficient bank operations. For this reason, a next day uptime on-site service agreement was made between Bremer and Teksetra.

As Bremer grew and their fleet of printers aged, it became apparent that deploying technicians for next-day service to some of Bremer’s remote locations was more challenging than expected. Not being able to consistently provide the level of service that Bremer required forced Teksetra to come up with an alternative solution for this issue.

Teksetra proposed to Bremer that an Advanced Unit Exchange (AUE) depot repair agreement would provide the level of service they required and even provide a more affordable method of repairs than their current agreement. Find out how AUE helped Bremer mitigate downtime, eliminate the need for on-site spare parts, and maintain a single-source supplier for both repairs and replacements.

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