Semacon S-2500 Warranty Extension

Item No. S-2500-RSPX1, S-2500-RSPX2, S-2500-RSPX3, S-2500-RSPX4




In the event that warranty service is required, Semacon pay’s all expenses involved in the repair or replacement including shipping the product both ways in the US and Canada.


This warranty does not apply to the following conditions:

  • Damage as a result of misuse or abuse of the machine
  • Damage as a result of a foreign object or substance entering the machine
  • Damage as a result of tampering, alterations or unauthorized repair
  • Damage as a result of improper packaging by the customer prior to shipping
  • Damage resulting from shipment by the customer
  • Incompatibility due to changes in coin or currency size, shape or materials

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