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What is IMAC and Why Should You Outsource?

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June 11, 2021

Modern IT assets undergo frequent changes and upgrades. The rapidly changing technology and internal demands strain IT departments to their limits. IMAC is a crucial part of asset management, but it can be a big challenge for IT departments.

IMAC outsourcing is one of the best solutions. By outsourcing IMAC, IT departments will get more time and resources to dedicate to higher-value business activities.

Read on to learn more about why outsourcing IMAC is so beneficial.

What is IT asset management?

Asset management is a crucial IT responsibility. Asset management aims to ensure that the team handles all assets (devices, hardware, software, etc.) appropriately. Asset management includes deployment, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal when necessary.

IT assets include all of the tangible and intangible assets the IT department oversees. For example, IT asset management includes:

  • Hardware
  • Software & software licenses
  • Computers
  • Servers

Asset management takes place throughout the IT asset lifecycle. The stages vary slightly by the organization, including planning, procurement, deployment, maintenance, and disposal.

A crucial aspect of applying asset management across the lifecycle is MAC, or move, add, change. MAC, IMAC and IMAC-D are used to define and regulate IT asset management.

What is Move, Add, Change?

MAC, or move, add, change, is a set of IT tasks. The purpose of MAC is to ensure devices are up-to-date and meet current user requirements.

MAC can be small, simple changes. For example, upgrading one network is a slight alteration. On the other hand, MAC can also include significant, extensive changes like decommissioning servers to move to a new location.

IT professionals must design systems to facilitate the MAC process properly. Ideally, they must standardize moves, adds, and changes. Creating detailed instructions and standardizations for MACs ensure that other technicians can complete the process.

What does IMAC stand for?

IMAC stands for install, move, add, and change. It’s similar to the concept of MAC, but it also includes the installation phase of the IT life cycle. The IMAC process can be performed at pre-determined times or for a single occasion.

The primary components of IMAC include:


  • Install and deploy hardware components.
  • Install and deploy software applications.
  • Structure user workstations.


  • Transport a work system to a new location.
  • Switch to a different workstation system.
  • Alter the end user.


  • Install additional hardware
  • Install additional software


  • Alter the existing hardware configuration
  • Update installed software
  • Customize software settings
  • Uninstall unused software

What does IMAC-D stand for?

IMAC-D stands for installs, moves, adds, changes, and disposal. It includes all of the same components of IMAC, but with the additional step of disposal.

The disposal component addresses how to safely and securely get rid of equipment that’s no longer needed. Disposal may involve a hardware refresh to return to the customer. Manny times, disposal includes environmentally-friendly e-waste recycling.

Why Should I Outsource IMAC?

IMAC can be a challenging, time-consuming process that requires a lot of IT resources. Outsourcing IMAC can be a massive help for organizations.

Outsources IMAC services include all of the crucial functions like:

  • Hardware/ software deployment
  • IT asset relocation
  • Reinstallation or rebuilding of software images
  • Customized solutions for your organization

How do you know if outsourcing IMAC is right for your organization? Ask the following questions:

  • Do we struggle with IT bandwidth? Is your IT team already working at full capacity? IT teams often have a lot on their plate. Dealing with large projects, like IMAC, while also addressing tech issues creates a massive workload. Outsourcing IT help for IMAC makes up for any gap in manpower, and it can also help you effectively address large-scale projects.
  • Is your team still learning? Internal IT teams often have a general skill set that’s great for addressing daily needs. However, a lack of specialized skills may present challenges for specialized projects like IMAC. Outsourcing gives you access to specialized experts with fresh ideas and perspectives that your team can learn from.
  • Is it smart financially? Many companies make a mistake when it comes to tech. They believe IT outsourcing is too expensive, when in reality it can save you a lot of money. Partnering with an experienced IT team gives you a fixed cost as well as fewer costly errors.
  • Does our IT team need more resources? IT outsourcing gives your internal team more time to dedicate to your business and customers. When large projects don’t bog down your team, they can focus on your business and improve the user experience.

Teksetra IMAC Services

Teksetra provides the IT outsourcing services you need, including IMAC. We can help you with all of your IT assets, especially as you prepare for a return to the office. We offer a full suite of IMAC services, including installing and verifying new systems, moving existing workstations, additions, changing configurations, and de-installation/disposal. To learn more about Teksetra IMAC services that can help your organization, contact our experts today.

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